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StopTheFakes Expects Token Sale to be Closed Pre-schedule

March 2nd, 2018 at 12:28 pm UTC · 4 min read

The team expects all 20 271 000 STFcoin tokens at the exchange rate of 1 ETH = 2400 STFcoins to be sold out earlier.

The results of preliminary stage is what makes us have this positive ourlook. The pre-sale had started in January 2018 and was successfully closed ahead of schedule. We’ve sold out all 1 305 000 STF that had been offered аnd transactions were coming from all the corners of the world — from Europe to Pacific-Asian region and Latin America.

Among other things that make us believe in the Token sale’s success are new team members, following Road Map’s schedule or even getting ahead of it, achievements in product development and high reviews of the project by independent experts.

StopTheFakes has developed a system that would allow right holders to engage millions of volunteers from all over the globe to join IPR infringement hunt both offline and online. Smart-contracts will mediate the relations between the participants.

To run settlements more smoothly we’ve created our own STFcoin token that would be listed on cryptocurrency exchanges. As of now the mobile app is going through the beta-testing process, the service’s Alpha v.0.1 has been released. Potential Requestors can familiarize themselves with the system’s interface on the project’s site.

The pace new products are being developed is even ahead of the schedule. All the basic functions of the service and app will be available till the start of the main stage of the token sale. Customers who are going to buy tokens will have an opportunity to test the system’s potential themselves.

The team is growing steadily, several experienced programmers and testers have already joined the team in 2018. Eugene Savochkin and Aleksei Markov each have been working in the industry for almost a decade. They have their own vision of the ways the project will reach its goals and have a deep knowledge of programming languages and applied spheres.

Roman Kapralov is now in charge of of the programming department. We believe him to be one of the most talanted programmers in Europe who have a good command of PHP, js, vuejs, jQuery, Ajax, mysql, nosql, redis, memcached, ratchet, zmq.

A very special place among our advisors belongs to Ismael Arribas. Not only is he a head of the Spanish department of the worldwide Government Blockchain Association (GBA), he also works with the Spanich government to standardize blockchain technology. His expertise has been a major asset to our service’s development for government agencies and big companies are meant to be our main clients.

Both industry-specific and national-level media have taken interest in our project.

The service is known as the first Blockchain-based project to be covered on Public Television of Russia, the country’s No. 1 federal channel that aired an episode of “Prav?Dа!” popular show dedicated to StopTheFakes.

ICObench rating agency аssigned StopTheFakes an average rating of 4,4 out of 5 moving it to the third position on the list. Independent analytics platform ICOmarks has assigned StopTheFakes project a very high rating − 8,1 points out of 10 and placed it among the best projects on its listing.

Icoholder, а popular industry media rated StopTheFakes project 4,09 out of 5 and predicted ICO results to be “positive”. Other specialized publications recognize that the team and product are quite promising and the token sale was highly organizised.

Igor Salikov, COO and co-founder of StopTheFakes: “As our token’s skyrocketed in popularity as early as the preliminary stage we’ve come up with an idea to create the White list. There were too much people willing to make a purchase which drove us to introduce a special filter. This makes us very confident that the main stage is going to be quite successful”.

“We’ve reached all our goals in the last year and a half − says Mikhail Krzhanovsky, CEO and co-founder of StopTheFakes, − we’ve built an amazing team, attracted highly regarded advisors, passed all possible tests and assessments, released the first versions of all software products. Pre-ICO results show us that we’re on the right path. High reviews received from experts make us keep a high sense of awareness and believe in ICO’s success”.

About StopTheFakes Ltd

The first blockchain-based copyright protection project in the world. It’s a decentralized service that enables right holders to involve Internet users and customers in detecting cases of piracy on the web and counterfeit sales in the real world and to remunerate them for this job. The project was founded by Mikhail Krzhanovsky and Igor Salikov in Prague, Czech Republic, in June 2016.