Synergy Blockchain Summit was Held Successfully, ALZA Won the TOP Potential Project

June 30th, 2018 at 8:53 pm UTC · 3 min read

More than 50 investors including senior VC experts, regulatory agency representatives, and attorneys attended the summit.

Gary Aguirre, the expert  of SEC, explained that the current SEC’s policy for digital currency and chain block policy are more likely to base on the cognition and the information from the Wall Street. Compared to the development of blockchain, the SEC’s policy developed in a slower speed.

The SEC need to collect lots of reference and information from the blockchain industry in order to develop more detailed policies.

Keith Teare, the co-founder of Tech Crunch, mentioned that we can solve the problems through securitizing Token. The main difference between the ordinary Token and securitized Token is that the ordinary Token only has “cash value”, and securitized Token has potential investment value for the holders.

Reese Jones is the Associate Partner of Singularity university. In his opinion, blockchain is a new kind of internet protocol that builds on the top of the internet and brings identity trust and the ability to transact money. Those three things create high value and commercial applications, which are the most creative public blockchain and dapps.

Eric Li, the founder of ALZA, pointed out that the off – chain solutions is usually solve the problem of double spend by self-balancing algorithm.

Although the off-chain solutions have a high time complexity and high communication cost issues, the scheduling server can be introduced for coordination to minimize both issues. ALZA is the first one who proposed for the off-chain solution with a central server involved in scheduling.

He said that four technological innovation of ALZA, which are favored by more than 60 great VCs in the United States, Europe and other countries and regions.

The first one is Offchain payment field which is double-spend-proof, collateral free. Then ALZA block makes transaction anonymous, fast lookup, and data compression. And Privacy is fulfilled by private keys and completely hidden transactions. The last one is that decentralized ledger storage provide unlimited space and availability.

As it is told, ALZA’s whitepaper is selected by the professional reviewers from Cornell University Library once it was completed. The whitepaper is published in the form of an extremely rare underlying technical paper in the field of block chain. So far, only the whitepapers of BTC, ETH were published by this way.

The summit also selected 10 potential Silicon Valley blockchain projects. A panel of on-site experts was formed to conduct evaluation on various dimensions and selected “TOP newest potential project in Silicon Valley”, the ALZA was selected.

There are several great blockchain media are the partner of the summit. NewsBTC\ coinspeaker\ coinidol\Bitcoinchaser\Altcoin\Silicon Vally Insider\CryptoPptato are the miedia that focus on the new ideas said by the speakers.



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