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Taboo – Pioneering Crypto Entertainment with a Futuristic Marketplace & Revised Roadmap for Global Mass Adoption

December 28th, 2023 at 10:40 am UTC · 5 min read

Taboo - Pioneering Crypto Entertainment with a Futuristic Marketplace & Revised Roadmap for Global Mass Adoption

/TABOO TOKEN/ – Taboo, the leading pioneer in the crypto adult entertainment industry, takes center stage with the impending release of their ground-breaking new Marketplace. Taboo invites users to join them on a journey into the future, where unprecedented opportunities await. Complementing this exciting development is the recent overhaul of Taboo’s Whitepaper and Roadmap, providing strategic insights on the path forging ahead.

Moreover, there are 3.3 billion adult content consumers against 400 million global crypto users. Taboo’s distinct offering is a testament to its strategic penetration into these dynamic and scaling markets.

At the core of Taboo’s vision is the full integration of a gated content distribution platform, orchestrated through a marketplace that leverages live-streaming, virtual reality, NFTs, a merchandise store, in-person live events, fiat on-ramp purchase solutions, and gamification concepts tailored for investors, consumers, and their valued model partners.

Distinguished from other adult projects, Taboo introduces opportunities to attend meticulously planned Mansion Events, facilitating engagement, communication, and exclusive moments with their supermodel partners, while networking with other like-minded holders. These events not only offer engaging experiences with supermodel partners but also foster a sense of community and networking among like-minded individuals. Recent success in their 1st ever Mansion Event in Summer of 2022 was a prelude to the highly anticipated, 2nd event that’s scheduled for Q3 2024, where these top-tier holders will indulge in fully-expensed trips.

Taboo’s marketplace operates on a sophisticated 4-tier system, offering exclusive content collections with Tier 4 providing unparalleled access to the world of TABOO, spanning both online and in-person entertainment events, alongside other crypto utilities.

Gamification, Marketplace, Exclusive Benefits, and Mass Adoption

Empowering individuals to explore their taboo desires with confidence, Taboo utilizes cutting-edge blockchain protocols for low fees, rapid transactions, and unfettered access to the world of TABOO. The impending release of the updated Marketplace in Q4 2023 promises a revamped UI/UX and cutting-edge technologies, simplifying user onboarding with on-ramp/off-ramp solutions and custodial/non-custodial wallet options.

The updated Taboo marketplace will offer the ability to purchase $TABOO via trading pairs (i.e., $TABOO/USDT or $TABOO/BNB), coupled with a built-in fiat to crypto on-ramp process, allowing direct purchases through bank wire or credit card, and staking of holdings to earn guaranteed APY’s – a testament to their global mass adoption focus. Gamification elements, from bonuses to a unique fan-model staking rewards program, incentivize users to actively participate and strengthen the $TABOO ecosystem.

A structured supermodel tiering system also awaits, offering increased benefits based on engagement with Taboo. This includes a unique fan-model staking rewards program where fans can stake onto individual supermodel talents’ profiles. Simultaneously, they will be unveiling a state-of-the-art Merchandise Store, in partnership with a global brand, providing sustainable products with model-inspired lines. Fostering a unique connection, earnings are shared with models, and exclusive NFT wall art and print-on-demand items add an extra layer of exclusivity.

In addition, the updated Marketplace will host a TABOO magazine, blending journalistic integrity, fashion, and stunning models – tailored for the modern consumer. It will feature up-and-coming new model partnerships, showcase models of the month, and provide limited-edition collections from in-house TABOO branded photoshoots with supermodel partners, amongst other undisclosed benefits.

In a thrilling gamified release, explore Taboo’s 2024 Calendars featuring exotic shots of their partnered supermodels. Each calendar unlocks bonus rewards, including live-streaming passes, coveted TABOOPUNKS NFTs (including Gold/Rare Punks), up to 100K+ $TABOO tokens, discounts in their merch store, free TABOO branded merchandise, and more. It’s not just a calendar, it’s a journey into the world of Taboo, offering exclusive rewards and unparalleled experiences.

To further their mass adoption strategy, the TABOO team is cultivating the User and Model Academy, focusing on educating new model talent, investors, and adult consumer populations not yet crypto-savvy. Within their upcoming Metaverse (TABOOVERSE), interactive walkthroughs will guide Web 2.0 users into Web 3.0 domains.

Roadmap and Technological Advancements

A recently updated Roadmap stretching to 2025 outlines Taboo’s focus on mass adoption by infiltrating dominant industries. As blockchain technology, NFTs, VR, and AR mature, Taboo stands at the forefront, with technological advancements including individual showrooms, VR rooms, and a full-fledged metaverse (TABOOVERSE) that includes the TABOO User Academy and promises virtual mansion parties and exclusive privileges for Tier 4 holders.

As artificial intelligence becomes dominant, Taboo is set to implement AI-driven model companions, bridging the gap between fantasy and reality. The impending release of a next-generation TABOOChain (their very own Blockchain) in Q4 of 2024 will add diverse $TABOO utilities, and cross-chain compatibility integrations of $TABOO will also help expand global reach.


Taboo, at the forefront of adult entertainment innovation, invites you to join and embrace the inner world of TABOO. By becoming a top-tier TABOO holder, one can embrace the inner world of Taboo through ongoing rewards, benefits, and special features, including AI, VR, Metaverse, and in-person utilities. Explore their comprehensive whitepaper for insights into TABOO’s quest for global domination and holder tiering requirements.

With a commitment to quality content, curated supermodel partnerships, exclusive live events, and technical innovation, Taboo continues to redefine the essence of adult entertainment through decentralization.

To learn more about Taboo, visit the official website.

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