21 inc bitcoin

Now You Can Earn Bitcoins by Monitoring Uptime and Latency Thanks to 21 Inc’s Ping21
March 16th, 2016

Ping21 looks like the simplest possible example of grid-based computation.

21 Inc Wants to Add ‘Bitcoin Miner in Every Device and in Every Hand’
May 19th, 2015

21 Inc. has attracted investors and developed bitcoin mining chip enabling a continuous stream of bitcoin to personal devices.

‘Digital Gold’: The Review of Nathaniel Popper’s New Book About Bitcoin
May 18th, 2015

The new book “Digital Gold,” written by New York Times reporter Nick Szabo, tells the story of bitcoin development and mentions the potential candidate for the role of cryptocurrency creator.

Secret Startup ’21 Inc’ Joins Bitcoin Job Fair Alongside BitPay, ChangeTip and Others
April 10th, 2015

21 Inc, together with BitPay, ChangeTip and BitGo, will be the leading sponsor of the upcoming bitcoin job fair in Sunnyvale on April 18th.