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Chance The Luck of the Dice – Introducing WINDICE
March 14th, 2019

The multi-billion dollar global crypto gaming community continues to grow at speed and with it the number of different types of games available on the market.

At Last, Blockchain Technology Is Properly Used to Reinvent Game Industry
June 12th, 2018

The era of notorious Loot Boxes and Pay-to-Win schemes seems to be over with blockchain-based “Merge: Eternal Battleground” video game entering the industry.

Japan’s GMO Launches Mobile App That Rewards Gamers with Bitcoin
June 4th, 2018

Japan’s GMO Internet Group launches a mobile app “CryptoChips” that enables distribution of Bitcoin as remuneration within the game application and will offer it through a group company starting in August 2018.

Meet Heroes of Ethereum: A CryptoRPG with a Stunning Design
May 18th, 2018

Give battle, crawl through dungeons, level up and roleplay your heroes – do it all on blockchain through tabletop RPG gameplay “Heroes of Ethereum”.

Blockchain-based Betting Game CryptoCup Rewards Your FIFA World Cup Predictions
May 17th, 2018

The first World Cup prediction game in the blockchain provides football fans from all over the world with a new way of fair and transparent betting based on smart contracts.