cryptocurrency regulation

Legislators in Wyoming Set to Legalize Crypto Custody at Banks
January 22nd, 2019

With the new legislation, Wyoming may become the first state in the U.S. where banks are allowed to provide custodial services for digital assets.

Malaysia’s Securities Watchdog Imposes Severe Legislation on Cryptos and ICOs Today
January 15th, 2019

Malaysia’s watchdog ‘Securities Commission’ will regulate the digital assets market making sure businesses follow strict AML and CFT rules.

What Trends are Ahead for Crypto Industry in 2019?
January 3rd, 2019

While 2017 was celebrated as one of the most impressive bull markets in cryptocurrencies’ short history, 2018 saw the crypto rocket coming back to earth. What it’s turn for 2019, what is likely to be hidden in store for the crypto indusrty this year?

India Likely to Legalize Cryptocurrencies Under Strong Regulations
December 28th, 2018

India is likely to soften its stand on cryptocurrencies while giving them legal status but under strict regulatory measures.

2019 as the Year of Crypto Regulation: Will STOs Become a New Trend?
December 26th, 2018

Daria Volkova, international lawyer and Head of legal department in Platinum, shares her vision of the regulatory landscape of 2019, explaining why STOs may be the real future for the whole crypto sphere.

G20 Leaders Arrive At a Common Consensus of Having International Crypto Tax
December 3rd, 2018

The G20 countries will work towards establishing international taxation for cross-border payments as well as handling issues with money-laundering.

India Ready to Announce Its Stance on Cryptocurrencies
November 20th, 2018

After years of ambiguity, the Indian government might finally reveal a regulatory draft for the cryptocurrency sector in the country before the turn of the year.

The Current State of Cryptocurrencies
November 16th, 2018

Samuel Leach, crypto millionaire, founder and CEO of Yield Coin project, shares his vision of the current cryptocurrency landscape explaining the key issues faced by the industry.

IMF Head Christine Lagarde Calls For Central Banks Digital Currencies
November 15th, 2018

IMF’s Managing Director called for central banks digital currencies, stating that they could provide financial inclusion, security, and consumer protection, which can not be offered by the private sector.

Cryptocurrency Industry Gains Self-regulatory Status in Japan
October 24th, 2018

Japan who’ve been considering legal aspects of cryptocurrency for quite a time, finally made its mind and granted an alliance of 16 crypto-exchanges with regulatory rights over the industry.