In case PBOC (People’s Bank of China) decides to tighten the restrictions of financial services that are operating with industry, major Chinese bitcoin exchanges will be ready to move their operations.

Chinese Digital Currency Will Not Be Cryptocurrency After All
August 17th, 2019

China may be about to launch a fiat digital currency, but in all likelihood, PBoC’s currency will only resemble crypto on the surface. It probably won’t use blockchain technology.

PBOC’s Digital Currency Nearly Ready After 5 Years of Development
August 11th, 2019

A senior official of China’s central bank announced at the China Finance 40 Group meeting that the country will soon roll out its central bank digital currency (CBDC).

Bank of China’s Infographic Shows the Reasons Behing BTC’s Price Increase
July 28th, 2019

The Bank of China posted an infographic explaining Bitcoin and its price increase. The infographic points towards the fact that Bitcoin has a limited supply as naturally making the cryptocurrency prone to price increases.

Huawei’s Founder Joins PBOC in Supporting ‘Chinese Libra’ Creation
July 26th, 2019

The way Libra is designed makes it hard for governments to see who’s paying whom, or to limit cross-border payments. Thus the People’s Bank of China (PBOC) has vowed to create a currency it can manage- likely one that will be linked to real identities.

China’s National Digital Currency Threatened By Facebook’s Libra Coin: PBoC Official
July 9th, 2019

When the U.S. sneezes the rest of the world catches a cold, and this time around the cold has caught up with China. The technology powerhouse is shivering over the threat that Facebook’s Libra could pose on her national cryptocurrency.

China’s Central Bank Demonizes Cryptos and STOs at Recent Summit in Beijing
December 10th, 2018

China has banned all Security Token Offerings and all activities linked to them. The government wants to regulate the new tokens before legalizing them to eliminate cases of fraud.

Although China Snubs Cryptocurrency, It Still Spearheads Blockchain Innovation
September 5th, 2018

China is said to be developing most of the projects on private blockchain network with some centralized controlling authority.

Blockchain Trade Finance Platform Backed by China’s Central Bank Enters Testing Phase
September 5th, 2018

The testing phase of a new blockchain trade finance platform established by the People’s Bank of China has been officially launched.

China’s Control Over the Global Bitcoin Exchange Market has Fallen to 1 Percent
July 11th, 2018

China’s central bank is bragging about the fact that after its ban, it has successfully managed a zero-risk exit for all the previously operated ICO and crypto trading platforms.

People’s Bank of China (PBoC) Has Filed 41 Blockchain-Related Patents
June 27th, 2018

China is continuing its way of crypto development. A digital currency research lab set up by the People’s Bank of China has submitted 41 patent applications, which means the world’s second-largest economy is planning a more prominent role in the cryptocurrency ecosystem.