tether news

Tether is Back: The Platform Reopens Fiat Deposits and Tether (USDT) Redemption
November 28th, 2018

Tether’s stablecoin platform is coming back: it will be available for fiat deposits and redemption of fiat currency to USDT once again.

Its Official, Tether Redeems and Destroys $500 Million Worth USDT Tokens
October 25th, 2018

Data shows that the $500 million worth USDT tokens accounted for 52% of the total supply leaving only another $446 million in the Tether treasury.

As Tether’s Valuation Sinks, Gemini Dollar Takes Lead in the Stablecoin Market
October 17th, 2018

Controversial stablecoin Tether is going through a rough phase losing nearly 20% of its valuation in a week’s time with the decrease in USDT circulation in the crypto market.

Bitcoin Showed a Minor Recovery to $6500 as Tether Pumps $50 Million in Crypto Market
August 14th, 2018

For the third time in the last one-month Tether has issued $50 million in USDT tokens as the company’s circulating market cap reaches $2.5 billion.

Tether Says That Its Relationship with Auditor Friedman LLP Has ‘Dissolved’
January 29th, 2018

Analysts say that there could be a “bloodbath” in the crypto markets if suspicions regarding use of Tether tokens for pumping Bitcoin price turns out to be true.