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Bluff or Not? Telegram’s GRAM is Being Offered for Sale at Triple ICO Price
July 4th, 2019

Telegram’s unreleased Gram tokens are set for sale to the public at a price three times of its private placement. Still, the source from Telegram says they’ve never heard of Gram Asia.

Telegram Created New Programming Language for Its TON Network
May 27th, 2019

Instant messaging service Telegram has built a new programming language that will be used for the needs of Telegram Open Network (TON).

Telegram Gets Set to Emerge with Secure Crypto Revolution
May 11th, 2019

Dr. Demetrios Zamboglou, Fintech Executive, Blockchain Expert, and ICO Advisor, shares his insights into Telegram potential: be it their own TON Network, or Gram cryptocurrency, explaining why it may be a case for investors of cashing in at the right time.

Just Do It: Even Nike Wants to Join the Crypto Family
April 26th, 2019

Nike is allegedly joining the crypto party after speculations that it’s about to circulate its own cryptocurrency named CRYPTOKICKS. The news came into to light after a trademark law attorney Josh Gerben noticed the trademark application.

Fake UK-based Telegram Open Network Sought to Exploit True Company’s Mega ICO
April 10th, 2018

Telegram Open Network Limited, a fake company, which named Pavel Durov its director, made an attempt to capitalize on real Telegram’s ICO.

Telegram’s ICO Successfully Raises $1.7 Billion By the Second Round of Funding
March 30th, 2018

The Telegram Pre-ICO sale has managed to gather a lot of moolah and it still open to pursuing more subsequent offerings.

Telegram’s Native Token Gram Could be Worth $200B in 5 Years, Thinks Aaron Brown
March 20th, 2018

Though there is still not so much precise information about Telegram’s ICO and its Gram coin, experts are already making predictions about its fortune.

Telegram Holds the 2nd Secret Pre-ICO Sale Aims to Raise $1.6B Before ICO
February 22nd, 2018

As Telegram plans for another secretive presale fundraising for its TON project, critics are making sharp remarks about the technical details of the project.

‘Biggest ICO Ever’: Telegram Raises $850M for Its TON Blockchain Development
February 19th, 2018

In the pre-sale round including venture investors, Telegram managed to raise a whopping $850 million, over its initial target of $600 million.