Taiwan Government Backed Asia Blockchain Accelerator Looks to Build Taiwan into a Global Blockchain Center

October 25th, 2018 at 7:27 pm UTC · 4 min read

During a press conference held today at the Le Meridien Hotel,  David Pan announced the official launch of ABA (Asia Blockchain Accelerator), in partnership with ACE, a Fiat-to-Crypto exchange, supported by Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs.

ABA focuses on helping leading companies and enterprises with existing, thriving businesses to use blockchain and tokens to amplify their businesses.  ABA  Together with its 30 plus partners from Taiwan and global regions, will provide domestic & international blockchain entrepreneurs a wide range of support such as blockchain business integration, tokenization strategies, global resources in both crypto and non crypto space.

ABA is the first blockchain accelerator to receive an official subsidy  from the Small and Medium Enterprise Administration within the  Ministry of Economic Affair.  ABA’s CEO David Pan, was previously a partner at KPMG Taiwan, responsible for KPMG’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship practice.

ABA has already started to pave the way for Taiwanese-based companies to go global, unveiling Poseidon Network as one of the first companies being accelerated.

Founded by Light Lin, serial entrepreneur and previous founder of Taiwan’s largest blog platform ,“WRETCH”, Poseidon Network is now the world’s largest decentralized content delivery content in operation, providing over 400 Terabytes of bandwidth per month, unlike many well known blockchain storage projects that have yet still yet to deliver.

David Pan, CEO of ABA, said:

“Blockchain has the unmatched potential to amplify many aspects of how traditional businesses and economies work, bring value to enterprises and consumers alike. Our goal is to build a comprehensive ecosystem that maximizes the real business potential of blockchain technology. ABA will provide a wide range of assistance to Taiwanese & foreign companies deploying blockchain, with goal of creating real economic value through blockchain.”

Light Lin, Founder of Poseidon Network, said:

“As a technologist and entrepreneur, I am fascinated by blockchain’s capability to unlock much of the world’s resources that are not being used effectively. Poseidon has two goals, one is to galvanize the vast amount of storage space around the world that sit idle, and second, show the world that Taiwan has the technical depth and implementation capability to create world leading companies. ABA has been involved in many aspects of Poseidon, from product positioning, business direction, execution roadmap design, token economics, and global marketing. I look to ABA’s further help in bringing Poseidon to become a truly world leader in decentralized storage.”

A  representative from Taiwanese Government SMEA, MOEA, remarked:

“ABA maintains outstanding global resources and blockchain experience, we believe that these capabilities provide a very valuable launchpad for companies in Taiwan to go international via blockchain. We are pleased to support ABA and looking forward to ABA’s results.”

LongHash, the largest blockchain incubator in Asia, is also ABA’s strategic partner. Emily Parker, LongHash Co-Founder, attended the press conference and gave a brief introduction of LongHash’s successful incubator program.  Emily also shared an example of incubated analytics company LongHash Data that is delivering data backed insights for public to understand the blockchain world.

ABA is working in cooperation with thirty plus global partners, building a strong mentorship and resource network. Some of these partners include KPMG Taiwan, GIFTO (one of the fastest-selling ICO’s in history), Wise Team (one of the most well-known law firms in Taiwan), Uplive (one of the leading global live-streaming platforms), leading Korean blockchain practitioners such as BlockCrafter, etc. With their, ABA is on the path to make Taiwan the global center of the blockchain industry.

For more information please visit our website: https://www.abatw.io/

About ABA (Asia Blockchain Accelerator)

ABA is launching as the first accelerator in Taiwan dedicated to blockchain technology and is subsidized by the Small and Medium Enterprise Administration, Ministry of Economic Affairs. We exist to support and usher in a new wave of blockchain applications and founders with a focus on deploying blockchain technology in real businesses to create economic value.

Together with ABF (Crypto Fund), and ACE (Crypto Exchange) and our global partners, we offer a one-stop service to leading companies looking to build with blockchain.  ABA aims to make Taiwan the blockchain hub of Asia.


Elaine Kuo, ABA Senior Manager

[email protected]