The Team of Traders Has Launched a New Project for Successful Cryptocurrency Trading – Timecryptonews

May 22nd, 2018 at 8:06 am UTC · 3 min read

An idea to create emerged between us, a group of professional cryptotraders and market analysts, when we decided that we were fed up with collecting relevant information from a wide range of different sources, having to post-check it manually.

What We Actually Faced:

  • Different types of information actually influencing the cryptomarket – including ICO, news and events, twitter of opinion leaders and other – are widespread among different online resources to such an extent that collecting them becomes a long and exhausting story. Not to mention you should be aware of which sources you can trust.
  • Some types of information – for instance, exchange news – are incredibly important, but any yet, they are either poorly covered or you should filter them through tons of other kinds of records or postings.
  • As of now, even the most cited news hubs on cryptocurrencies are nothing more than just an automated platform for anonymous postings with anonymous votings, even without a simple pre-moderation. As a result, nobody is actually controlling the news feed, which lets off the leash for scammers.
  • A surprisingly big lag – up to two weeks or more – between re-postings on news hubs and respective official sources.

Hence, we decided to improve this situation by introducing an integrated tool for collecting everything that cryptotraders, analysts, investors and anyone just willing to make money in cryptocurrency need, in one place. And so we did it in TimeCryptoNews.

From the very beginning, we decided that every single record and posting would be pre-checked and published manually.

We rejected the idea of automated anonymous postings and instead gathered our own editorial of professionals that work daily in shifts to process and bring to your attention all the information you need, so that not even slight market motion would escape your notice. We do manually check every single record and posting!

At TimeCryptoNews, we also opted for integration of all significant data in one platform, so that you would not flick other websites or have to google for anything. We do a huge amount of work daily for you to always keep track of the cryptomarket.

Currently, TimeCryptoNews is:

  • Manually pre-moderated and always up-to-date records and postings by our professional editorial, and from best and verified sources only, including closed chats and insights.
  • The best coverage of information sources and data types, essential for cryptomarket analysis and trading: projects news and events, exchange news, ICO listings, opinion leaders twitter.
  • Fresh and up-to-date exchange news, including listings, de-listings, updates, possible issues with cashout, general operational data etc.
  • More than 200 records daily, out of 800+ filtered, no break in operation.
  • 1600+ coins/tokens, 80+ exchanges, 40+ opinion leaders monitored daily.
  • The biggest ICO database.
  • Convenient subscription system after signing up, allowing you to get e-mail notifications quickly.

Key Differences Form Other News Hubs:

  • All sensitive data for cryptotrading and analysis, in one place.
  • Real editorial of cryptoprofessionals, no robots or anonymous postings.
  • We work in shifts, 24/7.
  • The biggest coverage of relevant trusted information sources.
  • Very small lag from official sources.
  • No scam or fraud, everything is checked manually.

We do our best for you to trust our news and data, and to let you make more money with us, letting you to be the first to know all you need about the cryptomarket. TimeCryptoNews is professional by design. Stay tuned, make more money, be cryp-to-date!



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