Teddy Gang: The Softest (But Deadliest) NFT Gang Around

February 17th, 2022 at 9:20 pm UTC · 4 min read

Teddy Gang: The Softest (But Deadliest) NFT Gang Around
Photo: Teddy Gang

What do you get when you combine a Teddy with bling, a sprinkling of mafia mentality, a touch of gang war, and a drop of Ethereum? A Teddy with a do-or-die attitude that’s set to take the NFT space by storm – smashing through any obstacles in its path.

What Is Teddy Gang?

Since the beginning of all things, the world has been held under the iron vice grip of a mighty and ruthless mechanic artefact – “The Claw”. All those that have encountered it have never been heard from again and what tales are told of it only further lead to more uncertainty about what “The Claw” actually is. All that is known: when the music plays, “The Claw” awakens and it decides who is next.

Out of all the fear and uncertainty, the once fluffy populace has now been divided into four factions…four Gangs. Fighting relentlessly amongst each other, the four Gangs battle for control over the only territory known to be out of the reach of “The Claw”. The only safe haven left…Will unity ever be established…or will the fluff-shed never end? Only holders will decide…

Teddy Gang is a high-quality 3D collection featuring 10,000 unique NFTs established and built upon the Ethereum Mainnet. Inspired by street art and the best of urban culture, Teddy Gang has been created to unite people and provide holders with access to the most exclusive sports events and parties around the world. Each NFT will belong to one of the four Gangs within the community – each made known on the day of reveal.

GangNamFT Style

The four Gangs are known as “The Amblack”, “The Pandaz”, “The Grizzlys”, and “The Pozarz”. Every Gang will be comprised of a three-tier member system:

  • 5 Don Members (Ultra rare)
  • 25 Most Wanted Members (Very rare)
  • 2470 Street Gangsters (Rare)

All members of the Teddy Gang community will be able to access countless VIP events, raffles and giveaways. However, Don and Most Wanted Members will enjoy a wealth of exclusivity featuring a life of luxury travel and status.

Mint price is set to be 0.4 ETH with a maximum of 3 NFT mintable per wallet. Drop dates and more to be announced via the official Teddy Gang Discord and social medias.

Know the Territory

Stage 1: New Money

  • Social Media and community creation $500,000 invested in marketing (pre-mint)
  • Whitelist Creation
  • First raffle for 1 Don Member NFT + 5 Capo Member NFTs
  • 50,000+ Discord Community
  • Drop Date announcement
  • First Game Trailer

Stage 2: Drop It Like It’s Hot

  • 10,000 NFT collection drop
  • Artist collaborations + partnerships
  • Community raffle for a brand-new AP 18k Gold Chronograph (valued $100,000)

Stage 3: More Money More Problems

  • F1 Monaco race tickets given out to the community
  • $2,000,000+ invested in marketing
  • More collabs + partnerships

Stage 4: In Da Club

  • Community raffle for $150,000 crypto portfolio
  • First Members-Only concert
  • Private Yacht party for Don Members + 10 passes giveaway (5 for Most Wanted Members + 5 for Street Gangster Members)
  • CH Pulgarin Limited Edition teddy bear statues given to Don + Most Wanted Members
  • Game Launch
  • $5,000,000+ invested in marketing + advertising

Stage 5: Work Hard Play Harder

  • 5% of year’s total profits given to charity to support favelas in Latin America
  • 10% of total profits generated from the game (TracK9) divided amongst holders
  • NBA Final Tickets given to the community
  • Second Exclusive VIP Party with celebrities and famous artists
  • Community raffle for Ferrari F8 Tributo 2022
  • Meta-ready avatars to all holders
  • $10,000,000+ invested in marketing, partnerships, collabs + advertising
  • More fun + more benefits to come!

Fluffy But Deadly

Teddy Gang is not for the faint-of-heart. Only the bold will be prepared to take on the gang wars that await holders in their battle to strive for peace. Remember…Behind every successful fortune there is a crime.

Join today or regret tomorrow: Website, Discord, Twitter, Instagram.