Teleport Welcomes 0xScope – the Pioneering Web3 Knowledge Graph Data Protocol

September 23rd, 2022 at 1:44 pm UTC · 4 min read

Teleport Welcomes 0xScope – the Pioneering Web3 Knowledge Graph Data Protocol
Photo: Teleport Network

As an interoperability platform for Web 3.0, it is only ideal that we seek out collaborations and forge partnerships that further enforce a shared vision to fully actualize the immense possibilities of Web 3.0

Teleport Network is pleased to announce a partnership with 0xScope, the pioneering Web3 knowledge graph data protocol. 0xScope provides a new form to collect various data from Web2 & Web3 data sources entities and connect individuals with different projects. This partnership seeks to harness the combined potential of 0xSpace’s innovative approach in collecting various data from Web2 & Web3 data sources and connecting different projects and Teleport’s community-centric approach to building and delivering interoperable products.

What to Expect from This Partnership

As the Web3 space continues to evolve, products and projects must continually iterate to ensure the best possible solutions are provided. Seeing that we peddle a host of tenable interoperable products geared to usher in multi-chain functionalities, we fall right at the omphalos of this need to evolve. To this end, we must continue to better optimize for scalability and functionality.

0xScope will help Teleport Network offer a range of exciting new features and deliver an improved product experience with the Teleport Wallet. With this cooperation, Teleport Wallet will enjoy the inherent benefits of  0xScope’s knowledge data graph, alongside the support of its natively developed C-side application capable of providing a detailed lookup of wallet addresses and analysis dashboard – Watchers.

Additionally, this cooperation will see Teleport and 0xScope synergize on node construction and operation, mutually providing both parties with the required support to reach desired goals.

With the myriad of features affected during the beta testing phase of TeleWallet, the integration with 0xScope is certain to deliver even more functionalities to the Teleport Wallet.

About 0xScope

0xScope protocol is the first Web3 knowledge graph data protocol that establishes a new basis for data analysis – Entities. This means that public transactions analysis cannot be fully understood by looking solely at the public addresses that originate them, but rather by looking at the entities that execute them and understanding their behavior. Through a set of weighted algorithms based on graph computation and machine learning, 0xScope can associate scattered data points across Web2 & Web3 sources into a realistic dense network of structured semantic data.

0xScope’s goal is to accelerate the adoption of Web3 data by improving the utilization and data quality across multiple applications, solving the fundamental dilemma of Web3 application development.

What 0xScope Provides to Users

0xScope streamlines and manages data from different data sources into a unified format with a unified and accessible API, which efficiently lowers the expenditure and difficulty of data identification, data cleaning and governance for the data demander.

0xScope uses an aggregation algorithm to integrate Onchain addresses into a unified package named “0xScope’s Entity”, a data analysis assistance that upgrades the smallest unit of data analysis from a single wallet address to an entity, greatly contributing to the comprehensive and accurate data.

The correlation capability of the Knowledge graph can provide crypto projects with perfect user profile data based on their profile data that benefits all Web3 companies delivering accurate recommendation services to users.

0xscope socials: Twitter, Medium.

Watchers Website.

About Teleport

Teleport Network is an innovative interoperability platform geared with a mission to accelerate dApps and crypto assets towards a multi-chain future, and it constantly implements new approaches to accomplish this. Teleport Network consists of a cross-chain messaging protocol developed for Teleport bridge implementation, an omni-chain wallet (TeleWallet), and developer SDKs for cross-chain dApp integration.

The network is designed to facilitate cross-chain communication amongst disparate blockchains, as well as provide infrastructure and framework support for building interoperable dApps for the Web 3 economy, granting users access to explore all chains, dApps, NFT projects, and other emerging markets within the industry.

The Future Ahead

As we continue to expand our reach in the Web 3 economy, Teleport Network will constantly look for solutions that will bridge liquidity across various disparate blockchain ecosystems. Teleport Network will continue to have strategic partnerships which will help foster interoperability between blockchains so as to enhance the collective growth of the blockchain industry; rather than the slower growth of each individual chain.

We can only be expectant of what the future holds with strategic partnerships across various Web 3 platforms sharing the same vision as we do. The Teleport and 0xscope partnership is one sure to further deliver exciting possibilities in the Web 3 scene. Expect nothing but the best.

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