Top Crypto News: Tether USDT Halts Minting While BlockDAG Breaks 1300% Price Surge & Avalanche Investors See A Bullish Reversal

June 29th, 2024 at 9:25 am UTC · 4 min read

/BlockDAG/ – What’s New In The World Of Crypto? To start this article with the recent Tether USDT news regarding halted operations on Eos and Algorand. BlockDAG has recently achieved a significant milestone, with its price surging by 1300% and raising $54.3 million in its presale.

This remarkable growth is in sharp contrast to the challenges being faced by investors in Avalanche. As investors navigate these turbulent waters, BlockDAG instils its position marching towards the finish line, promising substantial future gains and establishing itself among the top crypto coins.

Top Crypto News: Tether USDT Halts Minting While BlockDAG Breaks 1300% Price Surge & Avalanche Investors See A Bullish Reversal

Avalanche (AVAX) Signals A Bullish Recovery

Avalanche investors observe a bullish reversal pattern emerging amidst the broader market pullback. Despite initial optimism, AVAX faces resistance near the $28.87 mark leading to a decline to $27.56. This setback of 2.34% underscores a bearish sentiment in AVAX’s price trajectory.

Over the past 14 days, a significant 27% drop has resulted in the 50-day EMA crossing below the 200-day EMA, indicative of a bearish trend known as a death cross.

However, the daily RSI shows a bullish divergence, rebounding from oversold levels and indicating increased buying pressure. Against this backdrop, Avalanche investors closely monitor developments at DTX Exchange for potential market shifts.

Tether Halts USDT Minting on Eos & Algorand

In the updated Tether USDT news: Tether has decided to discontinue minting its US dollar-pegged stablecoin, USDT, on the Eos and Algorand blockchains effective June 24, as part of its operational streamlining efforts. This move aims to enhance security and efficiency across its blockchain networks while fostering innovation.

Top Crypto News: Tether USDT Halts Minting While BlockDAG Breaks 1300% Price Surge & Avalanche Investors See A Bullish Reversal

Despite the halt, affecting a small fraction of the total USDT supply, Tether remains committed to a smooth user transition, ensuring minimal disruption. The decision reflects Tether’s ongoing strategy to optimise its blockchain ecosystem, having integrated new networks like TON-based USDT earlier this year. underlines the company’s proactive approach to blockchain management.

BlockDAG: The Steady Ship In a Volatile Investment Sea

What makes BlockDAG a safe and immune investment against the market’s fluctuation in the crypto world? BlockDAG Network (BDAG) stands out in the Layer 1 blockchain arena with its utilisation of a proof-of-work (PoW) consensus mechanism and innovative Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) structure. This combination focuses squarely on speed, security, and decentralisation, distinguishing BDAG from traditional blockchain models.

The DAG architecture facilitates scalable operations by enabling concurrent processing of multiple blocks, thereby optimising transaction efficiency and governance. Currently achieving up to 10 blocks per second, BDAG aims to exceed 100 blocks per second in the upcoming steps, promising a revolution in mining efficiency.

Its hybrid consensus approach effectively addresses decentralised network challenges, enhancing transaction security and eliminating vulnerabilities like orphan blocks seen in the Nakamoto consensus. In its latest milestone, BlockDAG has raised an impressive $54.3 million until Batch 19, with each coin priced at $0.014. This marks a significant 1300% growth since its inception, underscoring the project’s rapid advancement and investor confidence.

Top Crypto News: Tether USDT Halts Minting While BlockDAG Breaks 1300% Price Surge & Avalanche Investors See A Bullish Reversal

With eyes on the future, BlockDAG anticipates further growth with plans to launch at a $0.05 price point, reflecting optimism and strategic market positioning. Analysts foresee substantial future gains, predicting price surges to $10 by 2025, $20 by 2027, and a promising $30 target in 2030, generating excitement among investors eyeing top crypto coins. Globally recognised for its innovation, BlockDAG continues to expand its influence with new payment integrations, product launches, and robust miner support, poised to deliver exceptional returns with a potential 30,000X ROI at launch.

The Final Resolution

Considering the current market dynamics where Avalanche faces resistance and Tether refines its operational platforms, BlockDAG stands out as a more promising investment. With its groundbreaking presale success and strategic roadmap set to escalate its price significantly by 2030, BDAG offers stability and superior potential returns. For savvy investors, BDAG’s innovative technology and robust performance forecast make it a superior choice over AVAX, aligning with those aiming to capitalise on the top crypto coins with substantial growth prospects.

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