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The Blockchain Payment Platform PayDex Makes a Breakthrough in the Bear Market

March 18th, 2019 at 6:00 am UTC · 5 min read

Some unsustainable and finally shattered projects have once again prompted the public to question the prospects of blockchain technology.

Therefore, 2019 is an extremely important year. Cryptocurrencies de-bubble, blockchain technology “de-deification”, team members of major projects are in need of such relatively quiet moments to set the future direction of their projects, but this is not so simple.

For the members of the Vtoken public chain and its founding team, the moment they waited for finally came.

Prospects of “blockchain + payment” are unlimited.

In recent years, the popularity of mobile devices and the development of the Internet have promoted the rapid development of the mobile payment industry. The current society is undergoing a full evolution of the cashless society. According to authoritative statistics, by 2022, the transaction value of mobile payment applications is expected to reach nearly 14 trillion US dollars (about 96 trillion yuan), and the industry is in a stage of rapid development.

In this round of mobile payment high-speed express, the rapid development of China’s Alipay has made Alibaba one of the top ten companies in the world. The prospects and potential of mobile payments are self-evident.

However, the current Internet is a centralized network. Despite the rise of payment instruments such as Alipay, there are still problems of inefficiency, high centralization risk, and high transaction costs.

PayDex is relying on advanced blockchain technology to reinvent mobile payments with its decentralization, information point-to-point transmission, and information that cannot be tampered with.


A project can’t land if it only has the imagination, the most fundamental thing is to rely on advanced and solid technology.

Paydex (Vpayment) is an online payment channel based on the Vtoken public chain, while Vtoken was developed by the original Ripple founding team. Vtoken’s underlying protocol combines Ripple, Stellar and graphene underlying technology. It is a banking-like system with the same trading gateway like Stellar between fiat and cryptocurrencies, with efficient and stable TPS (transaction speed). Its transaction processing speed is even higher than EOS.

Paydex (Vpayment) is developed by the original team of the founding team. It will provide payment for all cryptocurrencies including BTC, ETH, Vtoken, VPC, USDT, VRT, YEC, EOS, LTC and VUST for users and Vtoken families around the world. In addition to supporting the circulation and payment of all cryptocurrencies assets in Vtoken, it also provides cryptocurrencies settlement for various countries in the world, allowing various cryptocurrencies to be easily exchanged and bridging the global currency exchange.

The Application is King

Simply, Paydex (V payment) has the following six advantages in practical applications:

First, using the Proof of Burn consensus mechanism in Vtoken core technology, through the super node, each user can easily and fairly query in the chain browser to achieve asset transparency and reject false accounts.

Second, each user is a clearing gateway, which can realize cross-border global currency global distributed clearing. Each clearing gateway is an acceptor, and all can be profitable through circulation replacement.

Third, to provide merchants with a payment SDK, you can implement QR code collection on the merchant’s website and return the collection result and automatic delivery, which can link all the application scenarios of the global mall to pay.

Fourth, the launch of the mobile wallet APP can realize the scan code payment and NFC payment function, realize the aggregate payment, and have payment experience of Alipay and WeChat payment.

Five, limited real-name system to ensure the security of funds while providing sufficient anonymity.

Sixth, the global payment results are confirmed in real time, no network congestion.

For consumers, Paydex (V payment) can consume all digital assets in affiliate merchants and online malls, saving money and making more money. For merchants, Paydex can be used to serve hundreds of millions of high-quality cryptocurrencies holders worldwide.

For the average user, you can also apply for a dealer to earn the price difference. For cross-border e-commerce providers with cross-border payment requirements, it is easy to settle the national currency through PayDex (V payment) exchange settlement, solve the problem of payment and payment in all sensitive areas, and make goods easily flow around the world and create more revenue.

Profit Sharing

After a long period of technical development verification, Paydex (V payment) will be officially launched before May 2019. In addition to VTOKEN’s own currency appreciation, Paydex (V payment) promises to pay dividends to Vtoken families who support the v-chain, guarantee the interests of each ecological member, and build a long-term stability. the ecology of development.

Only when the public tends to be rational, those projects that have been quietly cultivated and valuable can be discovered. At present, Vtoken has achieved effective results in Southeast Asia. With Paydex (V payment) officially launched, Vtoken’s complete ecological ring will be fully opened. As time progresses, I believe that Paydex will be able to stand out from the crowd and create a convenient and efficient payment method for users around the world.

As its founder Mark Minor said:

‘We defend the spirit of decentralization like bitcoin, let circulation generate value, and create a new financial model!’


Mr. Yang

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