The DeFi Industry Receives a New Footprint Through the Most Effective Cross-Chain Farming Based on PolyDEX

Place/Date: - November 3rd, 2021 at 6:19 pm UTC · 3 min read
Contact: Cryption Network, Source: Cryption Network

The DeFi Industry Receives a New Footprint Through the Most Effective Cross-Chain Farming Based on PolyDEX
Photo: Cryption Network

Some major investors have added numerous cryptocurrencies to their portfolios in the past few months. Most investors are afraid to put their money in this market because of the excessive volatility. Cryption Network, the fastest growing project founded in 2021, has now become the point of contact for all private investors.

Due to its enormous developments and the rapid rise within the blockchain industry, it became indispensable. In addition, the team behind Cryption Network is also working on a variety of other large projects that will have an immersive effect on the revolutionary cryptocurrency industry. The most recent and successful releases of the functions include the Core Farms 2.0 based on PolyDEX.

The forerunner of DeFi, Cryption Network, aims to increase the number of users in the crypto-verse, making it a more inclusive place. That’s why Cryption Network introduced its flagship product, PolyDEX. It is an AMM DeFi exchange with a novel concept called Elastic yield farming in functioning. Users of PolyDEX will not have to pay gas fees, pioneering new industry best practices.

Cross-chain farming is completely decentralized, thanks to ETH-Polygon bridges, according to the Cryption Network developers. Polygon is EVM-compatible and can easily connect to Ethereum and other blockchains, making it an essentially compatible smart contracting platform. PolyDEX cross-chain yield farming requires an initial ETH investment using popular browser wallets like MetaMask. After that, it would allow them to move assets from Ethereum (the root chain) to Polygon securely (the child chain). From there it converts the ETH to the LP token and stakes it in the farm. ALl in A SINGLE CLICK!

PolyDEX also uses the Data Bridge, which includes the State Sync mechanism and FxPortals to bridge the info needed to convert ETHand stake the LP tokens on Polygon.

The Core Farms provided are used by the community to obtain liquidity for frequently used tokens such as Ethereum, Bitcoin and Polygon (previously Matic Network) and stablecoins. CNT – USDC, CNT – ETH and other core farms are among the currently listed pairings that PolyDEX has to offer. With the introduction of Cryption Network’s innovative Cross Chain farming solution and the recent release of Cross Chain Farms, they have revolutionized the entire DeFi industry.

The decision to move to a new farming environment was therefore made in order to provide the community with the highest APR, which can lead to improved short- and long-term benefits. In addition, all new pairs contain CNT tokens, which also provides incentives for owning tokens. Cryption Network’s core team ensures that these tokens stay in the core.

About Cryption Network

Cryption aims to make the onboarding process simpler for retail users. We offer a suite of user-friendly products to facilitate crypto adoption and provide the best service possible. Cryption Network helps to simplify the crypto ecosystem without diminishing its value. We offer:

  • PolyDEX — L2 Swap
  • Elastic Farming
  • Deflation of CNT
  • Seer
  • Cryption App
  • Non-Custodial Portfolio Management
  • Ether Rush
  • DeFi Stack
  • NFTs

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