The Distributed Intelligent System Laboratory of Shanghai Jiaotong University (SJTU) and BiXin Announced to Join HPB Node Ecosystem

July 6th, 2018 at 7:10 pm UTC · 3 min read

The lab will actively complete a series of substantial projects with HPB including promoting academic research, training personnel in related fields, strengthening the HPB ecosystem, facilitating deep integration of blockchain technology with the industrial economy, and contributing to the ecology of the HPB nodes.

About the Distributed Intelligent System Laboratory at Shanghai Jiaotong University

The Distributed Intelligent Systems Laboratory at Shanghai Jiaotong University is affiliated with the Key Laboratory of Systems Control and Information Processing (Ministry of Education) and the Department of Automation of Shanghai Jiaotong University.

The main research areas of the laboratory are the Internet of Things, information systems security, blockchain-based distributed intelligence systems, embedded computer vision, and machine intelligence. The laboratory focuses closely on cutting-edge scientific issues in complex network science.

Concentrating on the design and operational challenges of distributed intelligent systems, the lab has conducted in-depth academic research on distributed intelligent computing, collaborative optimization control, and information physics security.

The lab has published papers in international top journals such as IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid, IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communication, and IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Signal Processing. The lab has won a 2nd Class National Natural Science Award and three 3rd Class Natural Science Awards from the Ministry of Education.

The lab has also conducted applied research in intelligent transportation, intelligent manufacturing, and other engineering projects. It has worked with Baosteel and other enterprises to develop inventory optimization simulation software and intelligent manufacturing execution system software for flexible manufacturing.

In recent years, the laboratory has carried out in-depth systems application research and development work on distributed intelligent system based on blockchain technology and has established a wide network of partnerships between industry, academia, and research groups.

Bixin to Participate in HPB Core Chain Node Campaign

Bixin officially announced its plan to participate in the HPB node campaign and support the development of HPB ecology.

Bixin has promised to continue to deliver the high-quality resources that the community has accumulated for the development of the global community of HPB, vigorously promote the global ecological construction of HPB, and build a new ecological pattern for the new generation of blockchain industry represented by HPB.

HPB will build a commercialized public chain ecosystem with all partners in an open and inclusive mindset, and promote the development of blockchain products in various industries.

About Bixin

Founded in 2014, Bixin has provided world-class wallet services to nearly one million global users in the past five years. Bixin supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS and other high-quality blockchain assets. Bixin is actively constructing a blockchain platform with core functions such as trading, payment, and exchange.

The core members of the Bixin team are early investors and evangelists of blockchain. They graduated from top universities such as Columbia University, Peking University, Tsinghua University, and University of Chinese Academy of Sciences and they have worked for renowned companies including Baidu, Microsoft, and Toutiao.

Bixin is committed to developing a world-class blockchain asset platform that allows everyone to hold, use and protect their blockchain assets. Bixin is dedicated to building a better world through empowering the people.

Through five years development, Bixin now has teams in seven cities including Beijing, Tokyo, Bangkok, Seoul, Shenzhen, Changsha and Hangzhou. Its business is spread all over the blockchain industry.



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