The Future of Secure Medical Device and Clients’ Records Using Blockchain Technology

September 1st, 2021 at 9:20 am UTC · 3 min read

The Future of Secure Medical Device and Clients' Records Using Blockchain Technology

iFocus, on behalf of AYA Medical, the largest laser manufacturer in North America, is glad to announce a strategic partnership with Kinglory’s blockchain technology.

This collaboration can effectively protect industry knowledge, patent rights, and consumer safety as more and more consumers now want to be informed before they make a decision, especially when it comes to their health.

What do medical aesthetics equipment and a blockchain have in common? The answer is nothing – but these technologies can work together and create a new standard in the medical aesthetic industry.

Blockchain can prevent counterfeit and inferior products from occupying the market by recording product and service information with a timestamp to allow for authenticity traceability of each laser device right to the source.

Blockchain technology can also be used to record client medical information and files. Clients using blockchain can control where and when their information is shared with whom, as platforms and hospitals will not be able to access and back up client data without authorization from the owner. This decentralized file-sharing technology is also beneficial for preventing fraud.

These applications of blockchain can reassure customer’s concerns with product and service quality and personal privacy issues as official agency certification and brand product information is transparent and trustworthy on the blockchain.

Kinglory and iFocus have established forums for experts to provide clients with medical content services, and as the cooperation develops, iFocus will work with AYA, to help them develop machine traceability.

At the same time, iFocus is actively reaching out to L’Oréal Group and Bausch & Lomb Group to seek the establishment of cooperative relations so as to provide new solutions to the industry.

About Kinglory

Kinglory is a large-scale, commercial, high-performance blockchain ecological platform using modern cryptography, communications, distributed computing, and distributed storage technologies to support decentralized finance, social networking, e-commerce, search, and storage business applications. Kinglory is a Canadian-based hi-tech company located in Markham, Ontario. The Kinglory public chain R&D team comprises blockchain experts from Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Russia, Israel, and other countries. Learn more at

About iFocus

iFocus is North America’s first data-driven medical aesthetics marketplace providing click-and-mortar solutions including e-commerce platforms and corporate services to empower medical aesthetics corporations and the global consumers who are seeking professional medical aesthetics treatments. iFocus aims on solving problems that are widespread and tough-to-solve in the industry. iFocus brings B2C & B2B business models to the table, it provides online real-time one-on-one consultation and instant service booking, knowledge sharing within the member community, an algorithm that ranks the service providers based on the authentic ratings from the clients, and up-to-date industry news. Its mobile app lets the users share their knowledge and experience, consult with professionals, purchase products, and book services online all within just a few clicks.

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