The Leading Blockchain Solutions Provider PixelPlex Updated Information About Its Services

Place/Date: - October 16th, 2020 at 1:59 pm UTC · 4 min read
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PixelPlex has been building custom software for over a decade, and today the company is sharing the results of their work with blockchain technology. When developing solutions, the team adds their deep understanding of artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and cybersecurity to them. Announcing the news of the webpage update, the representatives of the company especially focused on blockchain services in the FinTech field.

In order for clients to have a complete understanding of the company’s services, this block of information on the webpage is now presented in particular detail. The PixelPlex team points out that there is no standardized solution that would be suitable for any enterprise. The company claims that they have been working with blockchain technology for 7 years and through their experience, they know how to customize and apply blockchain solutions for specific business needs.

The Blockchain Development Services webpage presently describes the industries in which blockchain has already established itself, as well as areas where blockchain has a high potential for future mass adoption.

The field that blockchain entered years ago is supply chain management. Blockchain implementation here brings the supply chain transparency, enhances trust between the participants, and helps them track goods from the place of origin to the end consumer. Among other industries are retail, healthcare, e-commerce, real estate, social media, and FinTech.

As mentioned before, being an expert in FinTech solutions, PixelPlex helps its clients to embrace this industry by creating and implementing products for financial services, insurance, banking, trading, investments, lending, and borrowing. Their experience shows that blockchain-based applications are able to reduce operational costs, optimize processes, and drive business growth.

The updated page announces that PixelPlex has become the preferred developer for projects such as Qtum, Echo, Arbitrage, Resorts STO, ProPool, Blockcerts, Obito, Bitnetwork, and MyBIT. In particular, company representatives commented on the first four projects.

Qtum, for example, is a UTXO-based platform that has a decentralized governance protocol for blockchain customization and compatibility, smart contract support, and a unified environment for DApp development. The engineering team shared that they also applied UTXO-based protocol with POS v3.0 consensus mechanism, Ethereum’s VM, and x86 VM.

Another important project PixelPlex mentioned was Echo. The integration of Bitcoin and smart contracts powers this blockchain application development platform and network. The company shared that Echo enables FinTech applications, decentralized exchange solutions, derivatives, coins, and more that can use BTC as their native currency.

As a blockchain development company, PixelPlex has also designed crypto arbitrage tools. The team explained that their Arbitrage is a cryptocurrency trading platform with a built-in arbitrage bot. The platform includes a data collection mechanism, an algorithm to search profitable rates, and a tool for managing crypto volatility.

The real estate industry is also actively adopting blockchain. The blockchain services webpage has a separate block dedicated to this industry and provides information about Resorts STO. It says that Resorts STO was looking for a blockchain developer for extensive features, including the tokenization of recreational property and luxury resorts. They delegated this work to PixelPlex. Generally, PixelPlex’s ICO and STO projects have accumulated more than 500 million USD to date.

Other completed projects described on the page include enterprise-grade solutions built using specialized blockchain platforms such as Hyperledger, Quorum, and Stellar.

Summarizing the projects that PixelPlex has worked with, the team stated that some of the most popular feature requirements for FinTech projects hold automated compliance, financial data tracking, analytics, digital identity, and multi-factor authentication mechanisms.

About PixelPlex

PixelPlex is a custom software development company that specializes in blockchain-based solutions. Founded in 2007, the firm has gained broad expertise in mobile and web applications, AI, IoT, AR/VR, and cybersecurity as well.