The Long-awaited Collaboration Between ECN and Bilaxy is Now Official

August 5th, 2021 at 7:33 pm UTC · 3 min read

The Long-awaited Collaboration Between ECN and Bilaxy is Now Official

We have some exciting news to share with you —  ECN has been listed on Bilaxy Exchange and is ready for trade since August 5th, 2021, at 12:00PM UTC.

The ECN is a platform that has:

  • More than 3,500 active wallets;
  • Over 1 million daily trading volume;
  • Above 200K transactions in the past 3 months.

Today’s crypto market does not give you enough confidence to know if it is the right investment time. Because of the numerous changes in the industry, the crypto market may not enjoy the stable foundation it never had. However, we have had a solid start to the year, and we are still in the bull run.

And you already know what comes next. It is your time, and it is our time to seize this opportunity.

But let me introduce you to a platform that will shift your way of thinking and even make the bear run sound easier: ECN.

The Long-awaited Collaboration Between ECN and Bilaxy is Now Official

Why Should You Become a Member of the ECN Community?

ECN is an abbreviation for E-Coin Network, a global community of crypto traders and enthusiasts that has established a decentralized crypto prediction market in collaboration with Future Tech, Nexchange Group, WWM, and The Blockchain Academy.

With a current user base of 366K, 100 page views, a 14.91 percent bounce rate, members from 5 continents, access to an omni platform, and a success rate of return of 97.3, ECN is more than just a standard crypto community; they aim to become the leading prediction platform and community.

They developed their strategy organically through partnerships and decentralized groups. They leverage E-oracle as a platform to develop best-in-class decentralized technology use cases. Their new prediction market recommendations are well-defined and timely. To achieve critical mass, they take an ecosystem approach. They also facilitate the formation of prediction markets, appropriate liquidity, fewer commission rates, and various other advantages.

What is ECN?

The platform has been designed to assist the Prediction Market and Head to Head betting community in establishing equity in token distribution.

The ECN is built on simple principles, and token holders are involved in the project’s governance from the beginning with the help of the voting ecosystem.

ECN is a platform where you can invest and make company decisions. It unusually entered the market by following a fair launch of the decentralized exchange on JustSwap. The coin was simply made available to the community, with no ICO or pre-sale.

What Distinguished Them?

In comparison to other crypto gaming platforms, ECN is a successful trading platform that provides a wide range of features and benefits such as:

  • No trading limit;
  • Simple market creation;
  • No fees in terms of Ethereum Gas.

Access is available on a variety of devices, including iOS and Android, and through a website.

Also, their team is always up to date on all the latest news in prediction resolution, and they always created flexible solutions for that.

The ECN platform does not have a constraint in terms of platform availability in countries, nor does it have a geographical boundary.

The collaboration with Bilaxy Exchange

Bilaxy Exchange is one of the world’s most popular crypto asset trading platforms. Their objective is to empower people worldwide to trade cryptocurrency with confidence; they are interested in advanced traders and newcomers. They provide a high level of liquidity and support dozens of trading pairs 24/7.

The collaboration will be commemorated by Bilaxy, which runs a 10-day trading competition with a prize pool of $20.000 ECN, offering traders the opportunity to win the token and engage in the community.

Are you prepared for this new and outstanding platform collaboration? Be the first to receive the offer from the cooperation.



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