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The Web3Souls Hackathon in the Metaverse

November 23rd, 2022 at 5:43 pm UTC · 3 min read

The Web3Souls Hackathon in the Metaverse

From November 28 to December 5, the Web3Souls Hackathon will be held in the Metaverse. Its participants will get hands-on experience with the Decentralized Society concept (DeSoc).

About the Web3Souls Hackathon

This is an online hackathon dedicated to creating DeSoc projects, which will take place in the metaverse. The goal of the event is to gather projects, companies, investors, experts and developers in one place.

The hackathon program includes:

  • the opening ceremony in the Metaverse;
  • lectures from the WEB 3.0 experts;
  • meetups;
  • guided tours to the Metaverse;
  • community contests;
  • prizes and after-party in the Metaverse.

About DeSoc and SBT

Soulbound Tokens (SBT) are non-transferable tokens representing a person’s identity using blockchain technology. They allow individuals to verify all of their information — their education, work history, credit score, medical history, professional certifications, etc. The wallets that store or issue these tokens are called “Souls”. Souls and SBT will allow people to build a verifiable Web3 digital reputation based on their past actions and experiences.

Why DeSoc

Vitalik Buterin, along with his supporters, published a white paper entitled “Decentralized Society: Finding Web3’s Soul” early this May. Thus, Buterin invites each person to create a crypto-wallet, which marks this person and his “Soul”. As a result, a person’s reputation can be measured by SBT tokens and their transaction history.

About the Organizers

The Hackathon is being organized by researchers of the future from Maff Ecosystem. They publish articles about blockchain, create courses on NFTs and develop locations in the metaverse. They also organize hackathons that help specialists get practice in the latest tech trends. And the Web3Souls Hackathon is one of such hackathons.

About Hackathon Partners and Sponsors

Kikimora Labs is a venture studio and tech hub focused on incubating next-generation technological projects in web3, education, and other areas. Kikimora Labs is fostering a network of founders, investors, and startups who strive in a fast-paced, impact-driven environment. The experts from this venture studio will share their vision and knowledge on DeSoc and take an active part in working with the teams participating in the hackathon.

Social Discovery Ventures is a global technology company focused on connecting people and designing Social Life 3.0. SDVentures unites more than 40 brands used by 180 million people in 100 countries around the world. That makes it the 3d world’s largest Social Discovery company.

Through its venture studio, SDV Lab, the company invests in social discovery technology startups and tests ideas for new products, creating the future of digital intimacy and Social Life 3.0. For the development of SDV Lab, the company is looking for new projects in the virtual world, new ideas, cool startups and technological solutions for the current Lab’s projects.

HORADRIM CAPITAL is a VC fund that focuses on creating a strong value for handpicked projects. The fund is fueling projects up with its resources, network and expertise to achieve the bravest goals on a daily basis. HORADRIM CAPITAL actively supports teams in R&D concepts and building products in the DeSoc direction

Experts from these venture studios and funds will take an active part in working with the Hackathon teams, as well as share their vision and knowledge with the participants.

For more details follow the Hackathon’s Telegram channel.