Launched its Full-scale IoT Cloud Solution for Data Storage

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by Polina Chernykh · 3 min read Launched its Full-scale IoT Cloud Solution for Data Storage

Spain-based has launched full-scale IoT cloud solution to store data., an Internet of Things (IoT) platform, based in Spain, has launched the IoT Cloud solution for companies to ensure their faster growth within the market.

While providing a customisable front-end user interface, the platform offers analytical tools and full interoperability. The servers for data storage are now located in Europe, although is planning to expand to the US in order to accelerate the speed of data transfers.

The interoperability is the key feature provided by the The platform usage allows devices from different producers to connect with each other.

“Interoperability is the key to the IoT — if the history of communication protocols has proven one thing, it is the difficulty of establishing a global industry standard,” CEO of, Marc Pous, told VentureBeat.

“Right now, we need one service that allows IoT devices not only to communicate, but also to collaborate. To truly realize the full potential of the IoT, developers need unified access to all the different languages currently being used. This is why we founded TheThings.iO.”

While developing the solution, has been collaborating with different IoT companies, such as Ôasys.

“Creating compelling IoT devices is hard enough without also having to design a back-end platform as well,” said Blai Carandell, CEO of Ôasys. “This process absorbs a disproportionate amount of resources while making little contribution to the actual success of the device. There is nothing to be gained by developing a new platform for a humidity sensor versus using one already working for a heartbeat monitor.”

Currently, charges a €1 per device annually. The more devices the company ships, the less money it pays. Thus, the shipment of 50,000 devices will cost €0.5 per device a year, while for 250,000 devices the company will be charged with €0.2 per device.

The company is mainly targeting new IoT startups, entering the market, with an approximate range of devices amounting to hundreds of thousands.

“Companies developing new hardware currently have a lot to do — design, prototype, and manufacture the thing, build the app, and develop the cloud platform to store the data, all from scratch,” Pous said.

“TheThings.IO significantly reduces the time and cost of this process, while offering developers and users increased functionality.”

“With us, IoT companies just need to use our APIs to store and query data from the devices,” said Pous. “They can visualize how their customers use their devices that are already in the market. We let them focus totally on what they are good at: building and selling their ‘things’, and not on the underlying cloud platform and database.”

“So hopes to differentiate itself enough from the crowd by offering a “hardware agnostic” service that works with any device, while adhering to an architecture “designed for building IoT apps and not just storing data and building analytics on the top,” Pous also said.

Following a number of successful seed funding rounds, is now aiming at raising more funds from investors.

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