Ties.Network Joins Tidex Exchange

January 6th, 2018 at 1:10 pm UTC · 2 min read

The Ties.Network operates Ties.DB, a distributed and decentralized storage solution for decentralized applications (DApps). The Tie.DB (database) is described as the first database built completely on the blockchain. Ties raised $9.5 million by issuing 59 million of its Ethereum-based TIE tokens in October 2017.

“We hope that this platform will widen the ranks of TIE token holders, paving the way towards wider acceptance of our product,” Ties.Network CEO and cofounder Alexander Neymark said.

Tidex is a multifunctional platform designed to facilitate the fast, reliable, and seamless trading of cryptocurrency assets. TIE will join more than 70 altcoins currently traded on Tidex’s exchange. Tidex has attracted thousands of users from all over the world with advanced security and privacy measures and quick and deposits.

A Platform for DApp Storage

The Ties.DB was built as the first public database for the storage of Ethereum based DApps – such as smart contracts. Ties.DB will serve as a blockchain-based storage solution for non-financial data, housed in Ethereum DApps.

The Ties.DB is a public database that allows anybody to see smart contracts and other records. The database features structured data storage, advanced search features, and advanced security features.

Documents in Ties.DB are protected by a unique ID that is verified by a private key. The unique ID ensures that only the documents’ owners will be able to modify them.

About Ties.Network

Ties.Network is an Ethereum-based business platform for the crypto community that supports the first public, decentralized, distributed NoSQL database, Ties.DB. Ties.DB is Byzantine fault tolerant.

Ties.Network was founded by Alexander Neymark and Dmitry Kochin.  Alexander Neymark has been launching and developing financial services for banks and telecommunications companies since 2000.  In 2012, he began creating a platform for aggregating financial user data (account aggregation technology), which was implemented in the final development of Krawlly.

Dmitry Kochin has extensive experience in IT. He holds a Ph.D. in Technical Sciences and has been a serial entrepreneur in the IT sector since 2005. Dmitry has been involved in a variety of software projects related to payment processing, account aggregation, computer telephony and even financial services within online games.