TimeShuffle Closes Initial Seed Round Led by Shima Capital and the Avalanche Ecosystem Raising 2.1M$ in Funding

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TimeShuffle, the Free-to-Play, Play-and-Earn tactical RPG game, is taking the industry by storm by shifting the paradigm back to traditional gaming objectives – and for good reason. 

TimeShuffle, the Free-to-Play, Play-and-Earn tactical RPG game, is taking the industry by storm by shifting the paradigm back to traditional gaming objectives – and for good reason.

Backed by investors including Shima Capital, Avalabs (Blizzard Fund), NEXO, AscendEx, Colony, GBV Capital, Muhabbit, and more, this NFT-based gameplay is redefining the gaming experience with a gaming-first model – one the world seems to have forgotten.


TimeShuffle offers NFTs and tokens tied to virtual items within the game, making crypto a part of the gameplay and not the objective, turning the concept of Play-to-Earn into Play-and-Earn, and the critics are loving it.

The core team behind TimeShuffle has more than 30 years of experience in the traditional gaming industry, with 20+ games under their belt, reaching over 40 million users worldwide.

By combining the expertise of traditional game development and pioneering Web3 developers, TimeShuffle is catching the interest of the masses by introducing them to a novel but well-known gameplay experience that most Play-to-Earn games seem to have neglected.

Every player has the opportunity to start with a free-to-play hero and build up their squad leading them into time-warped battles uncovering the full potential of blockchain gaming without needing to become day traders themselves. In TimeShuffle, players can unlock NFT items with real-world value, made available through the Avalanche ecosystem, ensuring genuine progression and earnings. This attractive game ecosystem is supercharged by the governance token $TIMS and the in-game token $GOLD creating a stable economy, backed by leaders in the blockchain space.

With an emphasis on the game itself, TimeShuffle focuses its efforts on adoption among traditional gamers with riveting gameplay bound to keep users mesmerized. Tihomir Tomov, Chief Product Officer at TimeShuffle, said:

“We wanted to create something by gamers, for gamers, where free to play will always be available and by incorporating a seamless wallet, we can guarantee long-term active players with limitless battles to win. We wanted the play-to-earn concept to come second, where true gaming warriors, not merely crypto enthusiasts, can now battle it out across history in a turn-based tactical RPG game. Thus creating a new game model called play & earn.”

Aiming to be the entry point to the Web3 space for non-crypto users, TimeShuffle’s ease of use is revolutionizing the industry around the Play-and-Earn market and opening the doors to gamers wanting to get their feet wet with crypto.

AvaLabs’ Head of Gaming, Ed Chang, commented, flattering words from the Ex-Head of Partnerships at Electronic Arts:

“In my relatively short time in this role, it’s been impressive to see the quality of games that we’re bringing to the platform this year, like TimeShuffle that put the gameplay and player experience at the core of their game. The future is bright for Web3 gaming on Avalanche!”

TimeShuffle has taken the favorite aspects of traditional gaming mixed with the benefits of the Play-to-Earn model to surprise collectors and grinders with unique NFTs and fun features to engage with friends.

TimeShuffle will be having its first Genesis Club NFT sales this June 2022, with the alpha game release set for Q3 of 2022, so, the question is, are you ready to outplay time?

About TimeShuffle

Set in a multidimensional time-traveling universe where players lead squads into time-warped battles. Players can start battling for free building and training their team of heroes to get them ready for PvP arenas and AI-driven battles, unlocking unique powers and otherworldly NFT valuables with the option of creating unique heroes by merging two of their greatest minds and influencers in history, to create the ultimate team and discover if they can indeed outplay time.

TimeShuffle links: Interview with TimeShuffle’s CEOCinematic teaserTwitterDiscordNFT One pager.

“Shima Capital is excited to be backing TimeShuffle for its engaging gameplay and narrative which we see as having great potential in the burgeoning Web3 gaming space,” said Shima Captial’s Wyatt Khosrowshahi. “TimeShuffle’s free-to-play design offers all gamers to start playing with no barrier to entry while compelling gameplay item NFTs and exceptional player breeding capability allow players to upgrade their gameplay experience.”


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