TMS Network Makes a Grand Entry into the Trading Market as the First Decentralized Platform with Crypto Options

February 16th, 2023 at 4:55 am UTC · 4 min read

TMS Network Makes a Grand Entry into the Trading Market as the First Decentralized Platform with Crypto Options

The world of trading has traditionally been an exclusive space monopolized by centralized platforms on which all trades take place. However, centralized trading platforms have posed a few logistical roadblocks that trading novices struggle with. The TMS Network is now making a grand entry into the trading world, offering the first-of-its-kind decentralized trading platform where anyone can use cryptocurrency to trade a variety of assets.

Here’s what the TMS Network brings to the table to combat the problems posed by centralized trading platforms today:

Problem: Centralized Trading Platforms Lack Transparency and Trust

A centralized trading platform is controlled by an individual or organization, leaving traders in the dark about who is processing their trades. This lack of transparency creates hesitation in the minds of both experienced and novice traders. Furthermore, since users on centralized trading platforms are unaware of how their trades are executed, there is plenty of room for fraudulent parties to intercept trades and steal profits.

Solution: The TMS Network offers 100% Decentralization and Security

The TMS Network is not managed by any single party or organization. Instead, it uses the power of the blockchain to decentralize control. All TMS trades are processed using cryptocurrency and executed by smart contracts. This eliminates the need for any interference by intermediaries. All TMS transactions are also immutably recorded on the public blockchain ledger, thereby ensuring complete transparency and considerably reducing the risk of manipulation and fraud. With a higher level of trust, even novice traders can actively trade stocks, CFDs, and Forex with cryptocurrency.

Problem: Centralized Trading Transactions are Slow and Expensive

On centralized trading platforms, all transactions are processed by banks and centralized financial institutions. Therefore, when a trade is initiated with fiat money, the bank has to first verify both parties and then process this transaction. This manual processing system is both extensive and expensive, thereby deterring traders from participating in short-term trades that require quick payments.

Solution: The TMS Network Offers Faster Processing of Transactions with Lower Fees

The TMS Network is decentralized and uses cryptocurrency for all payments. All trades are automatically executed with smart contracts, and crypto payments can be processed instantly, and recorded on the blockchain without the need for verification by intermediaries. This system drastically reduces both the time taken, and the fees involved in processing urgent transactions. The TMS Network, therefore, welcomes all traders and facilitates all types of trades using blockchain technology and cryptocurrency payments.

Problem: Traders have to Navigate Centralized Trading Platforms Independently

Centralized trading platforms are designed for those who are already proficient in asset trading, and the complex decision-making process that it requires. When novice traders try to use these platforms, they find themselves at a loss for direction and expertise. Without the proper guidance, new traders are quite likely to make significant errors in judgment, resulting in financial losses and a decline in their tendency to try trading again.

The TMS Network Offers a User-friendly Interface with Trading Tools and Resources

The TMS Network brings together a decentralized community, where traders can discuss and share their knowledge and insights about assets and trading. Furthermore, the platform also offers trading tools and resources like educational materials, market analysis, and trading signals, which can help a novice trader make well-informed decisions.

The TMS Network is all set to hit the market, revolutionizing the trading sector through a decentralized approach. With the power of blockchain technology and crypto payments rolled together, the TMS Network has positioned itself as an all-inclusive decentralized platform that facilitates easy and efficient asset trading for everyone.  The token has just started its presale at $0.0047 and is being hailed as the next 100x token.

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