Tokoin Proudly Presents FRONTERA – Our First Investment into the Metaverse NFT Gaming Project

Place/Date: - November 26th, 2021 at 11:37 am UTC · 2 min read
Contact: Tokoin, Source: Tokoin

Tokoin Proudly Presents FRONTERA – Our First Investment into the Metaverse NFT Gaming Project
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The Metaverse is a shared virtual universe, while anything that exists, in reality, will be possible there. While it’s expected to be a multi-billion industry, with big, new opportunities for businesses and individuals, Tokoin believes this is a great time to invest and be amongst the few who set foot into this new world, enhancing more of Tokoin’s environment of blockchain technology.

Blockchain-based games and NFTs enabled a new revolutionary play-to-earn gaming model. The principle here is simple: gamers have ownership and control over their in-game assets and full ability to trade or exchange them for real-world rewards. This is exactly the case of why Tokoin believes to take part in this journey with FRONTERA.

Today we are delighted to announce Frontera as our first investment in a Metaverse NFT gaming project. In Frontera, users will be able to create, earn and own their own metaverse. The team aims to bring value to a whole ecosystem with a chance to earn third-party rewards.

Benefits from Investing

As $TOKO holders, among the benefits are having TOKO tokens capable of being used in Frontera ecosystem, not only for NFT Gaming but in the future, TOKO tokens will also be used on the Metaverse side. Our investment in Frontera will add more benefits and real use cases and utility of TOKO token. $TOKO holders will have the first opportunity and privileges to this brand new investment.

Owning and participating in core pieces of these new worlds brings great financial returns to those who believed; many of whom will be from emerging markets who were quick to move on the opportunities available. All in all, we believe that Frontera will be the first Metaverse that can offer Everything-to-Earn while allowing access to build your own destiny and world.

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