NFTheEND Tokenizes Your Childhood Memories to Build a Sustainable World for Future Generations

Place/Date: - November 26th, 2021 at 10:14 am UTC · 4 min read
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NFTheEND Tokenizes Your Childhood Memories to Build a Sustainable World for Future Generations
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NFTheEND represents the first collection of makeitneutral real-world climate projects. Unlike other NFT collections, NFTheEND focuses on the emotional aspect by referencing childhood memories of those who look upon the collection. As a result, it is either the most boring or most exciting non-fungible token collection to date, but that decision is yours to make.

Makeitneutral and NFTheEND are both based in Estonia, one of the cryptocurrency and blockchain hotspots in Europe. The forward-thinking approach of Estonia and its government facilitates the development of innovative ideas and technologies. Furthermore, investors show an increasing appetite for such projects, creating new opportunities for developers and teams.

Non-fungible token minting has a controversial reputation due to its impact on the environment. We are using Polygon for our NFT project because it is based on a proof-of-stake model instead of the proof-of-work model of ETH. Proof-of-stake is inherently more energy-efficient and therefore an eco-friendlier option. As an added benefit, it has lower gas fees and is more secure. Makeitneutral, as the world’s first cleantech company, is set to create and maintain a sustainable future for generations to come.

The team aids companies in achieving forest-positive status by planting trees to offset any generated CO2. Makeitneutral is making a change by planting new forests, not reselling CO2 quotas from existing trees. Moreover, makeitneutral takes care of all planted trees and maintains the forests for at least 70 years. Additionally, there is an API solution to integrate with all popular platforms to facilitate tree planting.

Unlike other projects, makeitneutral does not pursue the option of greenwashing. Companies can create an eco-friendly image but still use polluting technologies, which is not what this initiative is about. One way greenwashing is done is by buying CO2 neutrality through “carbon credits” while still producing the same pollution levels. Additionally, there are marketplaces where used-up CO2 neutrality will be resold, negating the entire concept.

Instead, makeitneutral aims to genuinely contribute to a sustainable world for future generations to come.  The real-world climate project now enters the NFT space through the NFTheEND collection. It is the first step on the team’s roadmap to make a positive climate impact.

Contrary to other NFT collections, NFTheEND uses a modern method to combine old-school elements and details into a compelling non-fungible token collection. Every piece of the set will stir up memories of one’s childhood or life as a young adult.

Everyone will have a chance to view this collection differently. The images and elements mean different things to everyone, triggering electrical surges between brain synapses. In the END, it is all about you deciding how you feel about this collection and what it means to you, memory-wise and value-wise alike.

Minting an NFTheEND piece will unlock the next three project names and their descriptions for buyers minting their NFTheEND. Minters will also be whitelisted for the next project and access free merchandise, including hoodies and caps. In addition, there are 888 hand-crafted artworks available in the collection, with over 90% of the collection available through public minting.

Depending on the minting success, NFTheEND will achieve certain milestones. Those milestones range from charity donations for E-waste recycling organizations, an Ethereum raffle, free NFTs, and mystery boxes to as a grand prize giving away a fully restored Bang&Olufsen Beovision 9000 authentic old-world television set manufactured in 1981. You have to see it to understand, this piece of tech is truly breathtaking and probably nothing like you have seen before in your life!

The community will play a crucial role in the success of the makeitneutral movement. You can have a say in creating a future for our next generations that is as playful and fun as our childhood was. Perhaps they will not have to stare at the ‘no-signal’ screen on the TV at night, but they will have a chance to watch their favorite movies after a day out in the forest playing with their best friends.

Many more projects and ideas are in the pipeline on our journey in creating a sustainable world and positively impacting the climate.

About makeitneutral

Makeitneutral is the first real cleantech company that is striving towards making life on the planet sustainable for future generations.

We help companies to become forest positive through planting trees to offset generated carbon-dioxide. Makeitneutral takes care of all the trees planted, grows them under protection and maintains the forests created for a minimum of 70 years.

That is a real-world climate change in action!

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