Top 10 Advantages of Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange STeX

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Top 10 Advantages of Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange STeX
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Showing a lot of advantages over regular crypto exchanges, decentralized cryptocurrency exchange STeX has quite promising potential to bring crypto trading to the next level.

Cryptocurrency exchange STeX has introduced a decentralized advanced crypto coin platform, which brings liquidity and prices from all major exchanges in one place and allows coin holders  trade cross-rates among coins directly. In effect, if any two coins are listed on STeX, investor can trade one against the other directly, which enables thousands of pair trades that weren’t available on the market before.

STeX team developed proprietary virtualization technology and named it A2A (Any2Any). A2A solves the cross-coin exchange problems common for the customers of other cryptocurrency exchanges. Typically, cryptocurrency exchanges offer a limited number of cross-coin rates or allow exchange of one coin to another via BTC or USD. STeX allows trading any supported coin to any other supported coin directly.

This pricing functionality is fully supported by other features, including all variety of trading abilities like trailing stop-loss orders, take-profit orders, charts, and many more. All the features, one may find on STeX, are available for cross-rates as well. In fact, if it were traditional commodity exchange, one could be able to directly trade sugar for coffee or oil for shares in Google without using USD or other currencies.

STeX also solves the liquidity problem, which is the case for many coins and tokens. In effect, the platform aggregates all supply and demand for coins and tokens on other exchanges enabling pool deals. This leads to enormous implications for active traders/investors. Most exchanges allow simplistic bid and price information with no market depth statistics, providing no understanding about volume available at a specific price, while this is valuable information for high net investors. Without this information, a reasonably large investor cannot make a truly informed decision and faces risks of selling significantly below expected price, or buying way higher.

This is exactly where STeX deploys proprietary algorithms and technical solutions. With STeX unique HFT algorithms, originally developed to work on traditional stock exchanges, the platform can solve this problem, providing access to all trading possibilities on one trading platform and via one trading account. In such a way, STeX offers a system, which contains several automated aggregation solutions and proprietary algorithms addressing the liquidity problem, including ability to create an own liquidity pool for a bigger deal.

On top of that, STeX is offering fast execution and direct access through fast API protocols to those, who want to become market-maker on STeX exchange, allowing to trade without any commissions (and some other benefits). For all such trades the commissions are taken from a counterparty willing to buy or sell at the offered price.

The technology behind STeX has TOP-10 main advantages over regular cryptocurrency exchanges:

  1. Vast variety of investment opportunities with all trading pairs are on one platform. STeX is an aggregator, which collects and aggregates offers from many other exchanges at one place. More than 10,000 trading pairs and more than 100 coins are presented at the platform. STeX provides a gate for various token exchanges without the need to use two or more exchange platforms;
  2. Advanced security, as all STeX systems are encrypted and cannot be accessed without proper authorization from STeX administration. The project’s main assets, including user’s funds, are stored in cold wallets and cannot be accessed from the internet;
  3. Most attractive prices – best bids and offers are aggregated from all exchanges and big orders are executed at more attractive prices;
  4. Beauty of the single account. It is possible to take advantage from all exchanges using one account in the system. It is not necessary to switch accounts;
  5. Savings because of no internal commission. STeX offers direct access through fast API protocols allowing to trade commission-free. The commissions are taken from a counterparty willing to buy or sell at the offered price;
  6. Possibility to reduce commissions up to 50 percent by paying with the exchange’s internal token;
  7. Easy interface, clear and simple even for a newbie;
  8. High speed provided via superfast cloud processing core – internal trades are completed in milliseconds;
  9. No centralization – STeX’s own cloud cluster is physically hosted in many countries to prevent the possibility of downtime due to real-world/technological attack or failure;
  10. Potential for horizontal scaling. STeX A2A decentralized technology provides for supporting hundreds of thousands cross-rates simultaneously.

With totally decentralized system’s architecture, unlimited scalability, hundreds of thousands of trade instruments, high-speed execution of orders, built-in trade algorithms, robots and managed accounts, futures, derivatives, and margin trading, the STeX project does not only have chances to lead the crypto trading to the serious world level, it could also set the new standard in the industry.

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