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Top 5 Winter Blockchain Conference by EventChain

December 22nd, 2017 at 12:14 pm UTC · 2 min read

Winter holidays are incoming, everybody can take a rest with family and friends and, after that, plunges in amazing world of blockchain. It can bring you money, success and improve your business. Can we call blockchain as “Santa Claus of XXI century”? Obviously, yes! Where can we see him? On the top-5 winter blockchain conferences!

  1. London Blockchain Week 2018

Performances of 27 speakers, 2 days of workshops, Blockchain Hackathon and more over will be hosted in London Blockchain Week 2018. The hottest points will be discussed in Blockchain London Conference. Hackathon brings together the best experts, who want to make people’s life better using blockchain technologies. Workshops will show how useful is blockchain for business on practice.

  1. CoinAgenda Summit

The Conference attracts entrepreneurs, investors and media from around the globe. During two days, all the best experts will discuss about influence of blockchain technologies on different spheres from medicine to advertising.

  1. Dubai International Blockchain Summit

Dubai International Blockchain Summit bring together influential speakers to discuss resent financial brakes and the promising technology of Blockchain. The conference will contain considering of potential using of blockchain in innovations and finance.

  1. The North American Bitcoin Conference

This conference is a part of World Blockchain Forum: Investments and ICOs. In the previous year, The North American Bitcoin Conference succeed. After that, it brings together people, who play a big role in development of cryptocurrencies and ICOs.

  1. Bitcoin, Ethereum, And Blockchain Super Conference

Bitcoin, Ethereum, And Blockchain Super Conference convokes qualified people, who are connected to cryptocurrencies, to disprove main rumor “2018 is not time to invest your money into Crypto”. Interesting talks and useful discussions will be key instruments of speakers to open people’s eyes to using of blockchain and investing in cryptocurrencies.

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