Top Profitable Hobbies in 2022: How to Make Money Doing Something You Love

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Top Profitable Hobbies in 2022: How to Make Money Doing Something You Love
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We have chosen some activities that can be a way to make extra money in your spare time. Here, we will have a look at hobbies that can bring good money.

For many, having a job that will bring not only bread and butter but also passion and satisfaction is a dream. But once you find something that allows you to mix business and pleasure, you can completely change your life. Here, we’ll have a look at the list of the top profitable hobbies in 2022 that you can consider as a source of income.

Top Money-Making Hobbies in 2022

We have chosen some activities that can be a way to make extra money in your spare time. If you are passionate about any of them, you will never work a day in your life and still make a profit.


Starting your own blog is one of the best and simplest ways to make money online. Your blog can be about business, arts and crafts, personal finance, sports, parenting, cooking, health and fitness, entertainment and humor, home decor, gardening, or anything else you are interested in. You can share your opinion, your experience, and your advice with the online community and get traffic. You don’t even need the experience to get started, you simply need to have something you are passionate about and be ready to share it with others. Then, once you start, you can make money through your site with display ads, affiliate marketing, or paid sponsorships.


Here, we are talking about anything related to art: drawing, music, photography, craft, etc. By creating something unique, you can generate profit by selling your pieces of art. Many artists use stock websites as a means to earn passive income. They pay a decent amount of money for images and clips, and your ability to make more money on these websites depends on the popularity of your artwork. In other words, the more people buy your work the more you’ll be able to make.

You can also teach others how to create masterpieces if you are talented. For example, you can turn to YouTube. YouTube has been extremely successful in bridging the gap between artists and followers. Simple tips can come in handy when you are trying to grow your base. Once you’ve accumulated a good number of subscribers, you can boost your income considerably on the platform.

Besides, in 2022, with the growth of metaverse, you can even sell your masterpieces as non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Digital assets have become extremely popular, and the future is undoubtedly in NFTs. To sell your art as an NFT collection, you have to mint NFTs. Minting refers to the process of taking a digital asset (such as digital art or music) and placing it on the blockchain. Once the asset is minted to the blockchain, it can then be traded on NFT marketplaces, allowing you to monetize your creation.


Gaming is often considered a waste of time, being one of the most disruptive hobbies. Therefore, it seems unbelievable that you can earn money playing. However, it is true, and you can really make money playing video games.

Firstly, you can be involved in a process of developing games. You can start a career as a game creator, tester, or quality assurance tester who is responsible for playing the game at the highest level, providing feedback to the developers on the experience that users can expect when they load it onto their machines and start playing the game.

There are also numerous ways to monetize your achievements if you are really good at playing a video game. You can start live streaming, get prize money, and earn through sponsorships or video-on-demand content.

Besides, the current profitable nature of gaming is possible with blockchain technology as well as NFTs which usually represent in-game assets. These not only allow user-to-user interactions but also true ownership of in-game items that you can profit from, as any item that can be sold for cryptocurrency can also be converted into real money.

Notably, professional gamers today are financially secure, with professional teams and leagues offering guaranteed salaries with benefits, as well as private investors wading into the e-sports and gaming industries. As a result, there are no shortages of potential income sources for the modern gamer.


If the kitchen is your paradise, then you might be able to make some money out of your passion. For example, you can be a personal chef as some like to have a professional to prepare their meals, considering dietary restrictions and food preferences. You can also start an online food business, let’s say, with food delivery. Besides, you can participate in cooking competitions. Or you can start a food blog and use your cooking skills to teach others.


Then last but not least of the top profitable hobbies is investing. Investing is a popular hobby as there no need to have professional skills to start playing on the market. However, if you just begin, make sure that you’re not playing with more than you can afford to lose. In addition, try to learn some basics as well as get investment advice from those who are more knowledgeable. And of course, remember that a good investor should be thinking with long-term goals in mind.

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