Tory Lanez Is Releasing His NFT Collection with Decentar Labs

January 17th, 2022 at 11:23 am UTC · 3 min read

Tory Lanez Is Releasing His NFT Collection with Decentar Labs
Photo: Decentar

Canadian rapper, singer, and record producer Tory Lanez has unveiled his first-ever NFT collection with Decentar Labs, an NFT platform using non-fungible tokens and cryptocurrency to create value for the various spaces where blockchain technology needs to reach. His first collection, known as 3NITY, was launched on 14 January.

Lanez has not only joined the growing list of rappers and celebrities venturing into NFTs, but he has taken it a notch higher by co-founding Decentar, the platform behind the launch of his NFTs. After 4 months of creating beautiful, unique, and original artwork inspired by human nature, the 3NITY collection can be minted in three phases, starting at 0.1 ETH.

3NITY NFT Collection

The 3NITY collection is deflationary and periodic burning will make the collection scarce. This raises the overall value of the 3NITY NFT collection. The collection is fair-launched with no waitlisting.

The 3NITY collection is a representation of the ‘triality’ of self. It depicts the constant struggle that all humans face between their moral conscience (the ‘superego’ or angel), reality (the ‘ego’ or self), the and primitive, sexual, and aggressive parts of their nature (the ‘id’ or demons).

3NITY is represented by a three-headed collection – the human head, angel head, and demon head – all representing the varied form of existence referred to as 3NITY by Decentar Labs. Each head has a varying form of rarity and will be represented by yet-to-be-announced muses. The demon head would be represented by a canceled celebrity.

Over the next 12 months, the collection will be represented in film (animation), fashion, and 3D art collectibles. Lanez said:

“I am super excited about the launch of the NFT collection. This is a space I think will bridge the gap between celebrities and their fans. My aim is for my fans to have more engagement with me through NFTs, and more importantly, to have a front-row seat to celebrity culture and who we are deep inside.”

Not Just Another NFT

NFT enthusiasts who mint the 3NITY collection will enjoy additional benefits. Holders of the rarest NFTs can earn a piece of $1 million, depending on the rarity of their NFTs. They will also earn a royalty based on the value or number of non-fungible tokens they hold.

Holders can combine rare features from multiple 3NITY NFTs to create rare and more valuable non-fungible tokens. Decentar is working on partnering with a mainstream brand to turn its collection into designs on wearable fashion items that would range from clothing to footwear.

About Decentar Labs

Decentar Labs is a platform utilizing Non-fungible tokens as a medium to explore the various spaces where blockchain is needed and should reach. Decentar is creating collections inspired by celebrity culture and will be turned into NFTs, animated series and 3D printed collectibles.

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