Transfer Money in Nigeria Instantly with Cryptocurrencies using

September 14th, 2020 at 8:42 am UTC · 3 min read

Transfer Money in Nigeria Instantly with Cryptocurrencies using

Cryptocurrency owners can now send funds across the world to Nigerian Naira accounts without the requirement of registering on a new platform. The offer is available for all major banks operating in the African country. Receivers can immediately receive the money in Naira according to the latest Naira/Bitcoin exchange rate provided on the Cryptofully website.

Bitcoin- The Next Frontier

Bitcoin and to some extent other cryptocurrencies are the next frontier of investment around the world. Millions of people potentially own and transact with cryptocurrencies effectively. However, Bitcoin is not just an asset reserved for investment alone. Bitcoin can also act as an effective tool to help send remittances for overseas populations.

The Nigerian Diaspora and its Issues

Nigeria has one of the largest expat/overseas populations in the world. The major destinations for this culturally important and affluent diaspora are the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Italy as well as various other considerable populations in Europe and Middle East as well.

Many of these overseas citizens have family back home and they use various means to send their money to the country which is problematic to say the least. Conventional banking channels are difficult to manage, slow, non-transparent and fees are very high. Not to mention if a Nigerian living at home or abroad has to send money to a local Naira account, he/she has to first convert to the local currency of the country of residence which takes some time and then they have to sell it through these ineffective banking channels. The process is inefficient and may take days to be successfully executed.

Cryptofully Offers a Viable Alternative

Cryptofully is offering a practical option that users can avail directly and with the help of which one can send money using crypto directly without the need for conversions and such. Just go to Cryptofully, enter account details of the receiving person, select bank, Account Name/Title, and the amount you need to transfer to that person’s account. The latest exchange rate is visible and after that you can press transfer.

A bitcoin wallet address is generated for this particular transaction and you can send the bitcoin directly to it. Wasting no time, the platform handles the rest and transfers the money directly to the selected person’s Naira account without any fuss.

No Registration Hassle-No Hidden Fees

Conventional crypto payment outlets are a problem faced by many users who wish to liquidate a part of their assets and send local fiat money. They have constant registration requirements and signing up on them takes a lot of time. By the time you are done, your acceptable Bitcoin rate may become a thing of the past. Fees are high as well and quite often, hidden charges pile up that ruin the transaction for you.

With Cryptofully, there is simply no need to open an account. Just fill in the details on the form-like interface on the home page, send the Bitcoin and you are ready to go. The

Cryptofully Team is dedicated to offer universal, easy-to-access, crypto payment solutions to users around the world, starting with the home country of Nigeria.



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