Treasure Bowl Bank Global Community Alliance Officially Launched

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Treasure Bowl Bank Global Community Alliance Officially Launched
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In Treasure Bowl Bank, DAO is free and autonomous, and everyone coordinates and cooperates through smart contracts on the chain.

Recently, Treasure Bowl Bank, a one-stop digital asset management bank, released big news, officially recruiting members of the DAO community around the world, building consensus autonomous community ecological nodes, and driving an infinitely prosperous new financial ecology. Once the news was released, individuals or teams from more than a dozen countries and regions, including Sweden, the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, South Korea, Canada, and the Philippines, applied to join, hoping to become members of the Treasure Bowl Bank’s first global community. Among these members, there are many Wall Street financial giants, leaders of the world’s top technology companies, employees in the financial industry, employees of Internet companies, ordinary shareholders, etc., covering all walks of life. Since then, the Treasure Bowl Bank Global Community Alliance has been formally established, Treasure Bowl Bank has entered a new milestone, and the financial metaverse has ushered in a new stage of explosive growth.

Treasure Bowl Bank Global Community Alliance Officially Launched

So, what is the charm of Treasure Bowl Bank, which has attracted worldwide attention?

Strong Background, Strong Strength and Bright Prospects

Treasure Bowl Bank, a digital asset management bank (TBB) was founded in Sweden. Its TBB Financial Metaverse Lab was initiated by Goldman Sachs Group and is supported by world-class technology companies, Internet giants, mining machine manufacturers, blockchain teams, and leading securities and futures exchanges. and investment banks and other financial institutions.

Branches cover more than 100 countries in North America, Europe, America, and Asia-Pacific, focusing on bitcoin mining farms, contracts, funds, quantification, investment research, NFT, aggregate wealth management and other digital asset portfolios Investment custody, deployment of decentralized finance (DeFi), non-fungible tokens (NFT), and decentralized autonomous management (DAO), are committed to embedding financial products and services into the Metaverse, providing global users with the most Professional, compliant and safe asset management services, create a high-yield, zero-risk investment and wealth management ecosystem for users, escort users’ asset appreciation, and allow users to enjoy financial services easily and freely through decentralized smart contracts services to realize the vision of inclusive finance.

TBB continues to absorb global financial technology compound talents, and is committed to creating a free and inclusive financial metaverse! TBB not only has excellent soft power such as talent pool, but also has amazing hard power. TBB owns huge bitcoin mining machines and chips in Iceland and operates its own mining pool. The mining pool has 8 single-story warehouses up to 150 meters long, and each warehouse houses 15,000 Bitcoin mining machines. The calculation of the entire mine reaches an astonishing number of petahashes.

Treasure Bowl Bank Global Community Alliance Officially Launched

Extensive Layout, Smart Investment and Strategic Financial Management

TBB flexibly uses the five major technologies of big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, blockchain, and metaverse to extensively deploy nine major businesses, including aggregated wealth management, NFT, quantification, and funds, to ensure continuous and stable wealth management income.

Not only that, TBB has significant advantages in investment and wealth management services: “Strategic Refinement”, you don’t need to actively formulate your own strategy, the system automatically integrates the strategy database of institutions and experts, and you can also use the tool flow invented by other users to change your investment strategy from active. Change to passive; “Easy to operate”, cross-protocol transactions are carried out in smart contracts, fund transfer is completed automatically, no manual operation is required; “Low cost”, funds are all concentrated in smart contracts, the number of interactions is reduced, and the gas cost is diluted.

Clear Goals, Tight Rhythm and Global Expansion

Since the preparation and launch of the Q3 project in 2021, the preparation of the TBB Financial Metaverse Laboratory has been completed in less than a quarter. From here, it is enough to see the solid background, financial strength and efficient execution of the project. In Q1 of 2022, the TBB project will start recruiting investment and partner institutions, and Q2 will start recruiting members of the global DAO community. After the recruitment was launched, well-known institutions and investment funds in the circle such as Andreessen Horowitz (a16z), Polychain Capital, and Digital Currency Group (DCG) came here one after another. The recruitment of members of the TBB global DAO community is also in progress. At present, tens of thousands of members have applied to join the DAO community, covering many countries and regions including North America, Europe, South America and Asia Pacific, and the number of members is still growing exponentially.

Treasure Bowl Bank Global Community Alliance Officially Launched

The rapid development of TBB will not stop, and the global territory of TBB will continue to expand! In 2022 Q3 will complete the construction of the digital asset wealth management service platform, in 2022 Q4 will complete the construction of the cryptocurrency exchange, in 2023 Q1 will start to build the NFT one-stop service platform, and plan to complete the NFT chain tour and physical scene within 3 months Application landing. In Q3 2023, the combination of DeFi and NFT will be implemented, and the financial metaverse ecology will be initially completed.

Treasure Bowl Bank Strives to Build a Free and Self-governing Financial World

In Treasure Bowl Bank, the phenomenon of financial repression will be eliminated, funds will flow freely, financial information will be open and transparent, the efficiency of the world financial market will be greatly improved, more profit opportunities will be provided for the society, and financial liberalization will be truly realized.

In Treasure Bowl Bank, DAO is free and autonomous, and everyone coordinates and cooperates through smart contracts on the chain. The rules are open and transparent, and are not controlled by any institution or individual, preventing centralized monopoly.

The establishment of the Treasure Bowl Bank Global Community Alliance marks a big step forward for us to be a financial metaverse that is free, self-governing and universally beneficial. The future has come, let us wait and see.

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