TriveCoin Cryptocurrency for the New Age

July 11th, 2018 at 7:51 pm UTC · 4 min read

In the past, there was no way to carry out a transaction online without going through a financial institution, as no method yet existed which could render the requirement of trust obsolete. In turn, financial institutions then imposed transactions fees for its services as a mediator.

These fees coupled with the fact that transactions are always reversible, causes small casual transactions to be impossible. However, with the introduction of cryptocurrency, the role of financial institutions as a mediator in online transactions will soon be obsolete.


  • A core system for new businesses to enter the digital age by implementing blockchain-based technology and DAPPS (decentralized applications) through BizContracts. Additional features include utilizing both.
  • Proof-of-Work and Proof-of-Stake based algorithms in a hybrid fashion to increase security and sustainability, a rewards based double-tier network known as Trive VIP Masternode Network (TVIP), ExclusiveSend which for increased user privacy protection and Direct Send, a decentralized instantaneous transaction system.

TriveChain is the blockchain of TriveCoin, a core system of TriveCoin that allows new businesses to market their products and/or services on the TriveCoin community, and generate native tokens electively through TriveCoin’s BizContract. This mechanism gives tremendous opportunity to any businesses to crowdfund their project via initial coin offering (ICO).

The process of tokenization is generated through TriveChain, where these tokens are virtual coins built on top of TriveCoin’s platform, making the tokens programmable and customizable to the developer’s needs. These tokens are open-source, self-governing, and free for anyone to use, whilst facilitating guaranteed agreements, token-based voting systems, digital currencies for decentralized apps and tokenized assets.

When a new business requires funding for their blockchain project, they will develop TriveChain token to crowdfund for investors. The contract between the new business and TriveChain is secured in BizContract and determined by the following set of details:

  • Contract’s address
  • Maximum supply of tokens
  • Name of token
  • Token’s abbreviation
  • Token’s logo
  • Number of decimals

BizStore is the first cryptocurrency-powered app store and connects BizApp to huge Trivechain community, stimulating new innovations. Through Bizstore, developers will be able to publish and monetize their BizApps online.

The platform provides SDK simplifying the difficult process of build-and-get-paid. Development teams of any size can publish and get their apps discovered through BizStore in Trivechain wallet (

BizApp Development Platform

Wallet First Application Development Approach

Additionally, many businesses that wish to invest or get started in blockchain technology lack the avenue to do so as there is a lack of core systems that focus on enabling or easing this transition.

Furthermore, initial cryptocurrency solutions lack the sustainability and stability of fiat currencies and financial institutions. In addition, flexibility and scalability in both circulation and features are crucial when attempting to provide a long term alternative to existing online payment systems such as PayPal and Swift.

An all-encompassing solution to the various shortcomings is what is needed in order to successfully serve as a reliable, user-centric and business-friendly platform for decentralized transactions on the internet, while simultaneously being easily adaptable to existing e-commerce solutions so as to minimize disruption and reduce implementation costs.

TriveCoin is designed to address these issues, while simultaneously serving as a highly versatile blockchain based e-commerce solution.

TriveCoin is a state of the art cryptocurrency deployed on its dedicated blockchain-based technology Trivechain. TriveCoin allows instant, peer to peer (p2p) transfer and storage of value, and has hybrid system encompassing both concepts of Proof-of-Work and Proof-of-Stake to solve inherent issues pertaining to security and decentralization with sustainability and scalability in mind.

Their success in a relatively short time since launch has been nothing but remarkable. A visit to their online community, you would see peer to peer transactions being carried out at all times, either to buy/ sell TRVC coins or interest to set up mining operations and master nodes or even to purchase of goods and services like beauty packages to electronic items and even bird nests!

On July 1, TRVC will be listed on Bitrabbit is Australia’s largest cryptocurrency exchange and supports dozens of currencies. The listing on Bitrabbit will give TRVC fluidity, enabling holders to buy, sell and exchange through dozens of major cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum and Zcash.

Where to find more information?

For more info about the Trivecoin project and the TRVC token, visit the official Trivecoin Organization website and forum at

If you’re interested in mining TRVC, you can visit the official Trivecoin mining pool at Trivecoin is also part of the and cryptocurrency mining pools.


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