TRON DAO Devotes $100M for AI Development Fund

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TRON DAO Devotes $100M for AI Development Fund
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Tron DAO has committed $100 million to AI Service Payment Platform, AI Infused Oracles, AI Informed Investment Management Services, and AI-generated Content.

The Tron DAO ecosystem has shown its commitment to the future growth prospects of Web3 through its $1 billion development fund. Different projects focused on the Tron ecosystem including HackaTRON, TRON/BTTC Integration Fund, TRON DAO Ventures, Ambassador Grants, TRON Academy Program, TRON Climate Initiative, Terra Developer Incentive Fund, and Binance Web3 Industry Recovery Initiative all draw from the $1 billion development fund.

Following the recent boom of artificial intelligence-related crypto projects, blockchain firms have set aside capital to develop infrastructure for cloud computing. Furthermore, seamless AI in the crypto market needs functional cloud data that is well-secured and affordable to most users.

According to a recent report from Coingecko, prices of AI-related crypto tokens rallied up to 16 times in the past few months as investors poured money into them. The launch of Microsoft Corp.’s (NASDAQ: MSFT) ChatGPT and Alphabet Inc.‘s (NASDAQ: GOOGL) Bard for their search engines has significantly impacted the AI-related crypto tokens.

Tron DAO Focuses on AI Tech

According to the announcement, Tron DAO has committed $100 million to A.I. Service Payment Platform, A.I. Infused Oracles, A.I. Informed Investment Management Services, and A.I. Generated Content. Notably, Tron artificial intelligence (AI) will be competing with other blockchains that have committed to a similar roadmap. However, the Tron ecosystem has earned the reputation of full decentralization with functional Web3 projects.

“TRON’s efficient and inexpensive blockchain network, along with its data-focused Layer2 blockchain, the BitTorrent Chain, are perfectly oriented for A.I. integration, as its fully decentralized file storage system (BTFS) is leveraged to achieve intelligent management of data, including underlying calling SDKs and API communication,” the company noted.

The Tron AI venture will help create more intelligent trading algorithms that can ostensibly analyze market trends in real time. The Tron ecosystem will also significantly benefit from artificial intelligence in content creation. Notably, developers will benefit from Tron AI-generated content, particularly in the NFT industry.

According to Justin Sun, founder of TRON and Ambassador of Grenada to the WTO, WINkLink, a comprehensive TRON ecosystem oracle, combined with the DeFi applications JUST and SUN, will together enable efficient investment management services for on-chain assets.

Additionally, the APENFT Marketplace will reportedly offer AI infusion for users in its NFT ecosystem. As such, the Tron network can offer NFT creators more room for creativity.

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