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TRON Moves Forward in Business Journey – Remarkable Brand Value is Created by TRON

June 25th, 2018 at 9:34 pm UTC · 4 min read

Why would a blockchain company want to be a Wechat vendor and make so much merchandise? Let’s take a look at TRON’s journey as a Wechat vendor.

In the tech industry, Xiaomi is supposed to be the best at merchandising. At first, they only made cell phones, just like every other cell-phone manufacturer; today, Xiaomi produces almost everything: from TVs and stereos to pots and pans and apparel. It’s fair to say that they are already a branded store.

Back when Xiaomi only sold cell phones, you could already find merchandise like T-shirts and “Metoo” toys in their web store — and they sold pretty well. Xiaomi’s marketing model explains it all. They are known for doing an excellent job in running their community.

It’s fair to say that the success of Xiaomi is the success of community economy. Culture plays a crucial part in a community; only the same value and the same goal can integrate a community, and merchandise carries this kind of community culture.

Don’t underestimate this kind of community culture. The formation of the culture goes through a process of quantitative changes to qualitative changes — when the culture has been built up enough, it will go viral, with merchandise as its best medium. Think about it, when your fans are wearing T-shirts that have your logo or slogan, you basically have a smart, mobile billboard.

Similar to Xiaomi, TRON’s marketing model is community-focused. Millions of TRON fans have already formed communities. If you look at the sales volume of TRON’s Wechat store, TRON already has thousands of “smart mobile billboards” —  if you count the gifts TRON sends offline, the number could reach 10 thousand — and the number is still growing with more varieties of TRON’s merchandise.

In fact, almost all blockchain project creators have their own swag, but what makes TRON stand out? They can send T-shirts as gifts, or sell them for profit. TRON has done a lot of work on this.

At first, TRON was just like any other blockchain project, making T-shirts with a massive TRON logo emblazoned across the front (TRON isn’t the worst, I’ve even seen companies that put their QR code on the sleeves). Honestly, I wouldn’t normally wear a shirt like that unless for TRON’s public presentations.

What’s more, the first edition of the shirt was loose-fitting, which wasn’t too thoughtful for the female users.

TRON was probably aware of the issue. They re-designed the shirt twice: the gigantic letters were replaced by simple logos at the corner of the shirt and the cuff; the quality is better; the shirt has a slim-fit design instead of a loose one. It doesn’t even look like a company shirt any more.

Other than T-shirts, TRON has also released other useful merchandise such as notebooks, hats, and USB drives. They all have delicate and subtle design that says a lot about TRON. TRON’s brand influence expands as the merchandise that carries the company culture and the community culture goes towards the fans.

The value that the merchandise has created for the company is invaluable. Take community performance as an example. There are a new group of KOLs who selflessly contribute to the TRON community, which corresponds to the blockchain spirit of “consensus.” When such community culture becomes popular, a value base will be formed, which nurtures TRX’s value.

Blockchain is an industry that relies on communities; community culture is the key. TRON has been far ahead of its peers in this regard. On the technology front, TRON is about to launch its mainnet. TRON is sure to bring more to the table in the near future.



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