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UK Financial Ltd Secures a Multi-Million Dollar Line of Credit with Trustfinco Banking Institution

June 20th, 2022 at 11:57 am UTC · 2 min read

UK Financial Ltd today announced that it has received a Multi-Million Dollar line of credit with Trustfinco Banking Institution using only Maya Preferred (MAYP) tokens as collateral. UK Financial Ltd. will transfer $200 million dollars (approximately 12,000 MAYP Tokens) worth of Maya Preferred (MAYP) Tokens into Trustfinco Banking Institution’s secured cryptocurrency wallet.

Mr. Ricardo Crespo Torres, Vice President of UK Financial Ltd, stated:

“In return, our Company now has a substantial line of credit which will be used for the growth of the Company and for the closing of the retirement plan project for our loyal coin holders. This transaction is just the beginning of our Company’s relationship, not only with Trustfinco Bank, but with many other financial institutions.”

UK Financial Ltd. is also committed to pledge an additional $1 Billion dollars, in tokens with Caprock Bank Australia in the near future again in return for financing and an actual investment made by the bank. “These tokens that are being pledged will never be added to our one-million coin float,” according to Mr. Crespo Torres. All banks involved have agreed to hold Maya Preferred Tokens in their own portfolios.

James Dahlke, President, CEO and founder of UK Financial Ltd. and The Maya Preferred Project, stated:

“We are accomplishing what we have said all along and that is to leverage our tokens with financial institutions and make MAYA PREFERED a true asset-backed stable coin that can be used for backing capital and be leveraged. This accomplishment has taken our Company four years and we believe MAYP will become the #1 Cryptocurrency in the world, because our tokens are backed by gold and silver assets which allows MAYP the ability to merge financial institutions with digital currencies.”

Maya Preferred (MAYP) token is currently traded on two top Coin Market Cap exchanges, and FATBTC. The company has also secured listings for MAYP on other top CMC Exchanges, which will be announced shortly.