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U. K. Financial Ltd. Signs Partnership and Purchase Agreement with Digital Fantasy Sports (DFS)

June 11th, 2019 at 7:24 am UTC · 2 min read

U. K. Financial Ltd., the creator of the gold and silver backed stablecoin, Maya Preferred 223, announced today that the company has signed a definite partnership agreement and is also in a 90-day due diligence process period to buy out the over 51% control of Digital Fantasy Sports (DFS) tokens.

Part of the Maya Preferred business plan is to stabilize the cryptocurrency market by using its own coin to back other cryptocurrencies and tokens with gold and silver reserves. Part of the buyout agreement between U. K. Financial Ltd. and Digital Fantasy Sports is that UK Financial Ltd. has agreed to use Maya Preferred 223 (MAPR) to back Digital Fantasy Sports with $2.50 per DFS token, giving the DFS token a, now, book value of $2.50. This backing will begin once definite acquisition documents of the 51% token sale have been signed, which will be within the next 90 days.

Over the past 3 weeks, U. K. Financial Ltd has been purchasing DFS tokens through it’s CoinDeal Exchange account and has plans to continue buying as many of the tokens as it feels is necessary to stabilize the market prior to the definite acquisition document being signed.

James Dahlke, President of both U. K. Financial Ltd and Maya Preferred 223, states:

“Maya Preferred 223 is becoming very active in the cryptocurrency world.”

“Mr. Jeremy Munter, president and CEO of Digital Fantasy Sports, has been nothing but a pleasure to work with and he is putting the coin holders first before himself in the agreement. We are looking forward to this partnership with DFS, since it will seriously strengthen our position on the market”

About Digital Fantasy Sports (DFS)

Digital Fantasy Sports (DFS) is the Global Leader of Fantasy Sports. DFS created a cryptocurrency (DFS Token) for engaged sports fans. Most of that engagement orbits around Fantasy Sports and eSports, from Weekly NFL pick’em tournaments, to playing at the table, to eSports video game tournaments, to the frenzied competition of Daily Fantasy Sports.

About U. K. Financial Ltd

U.K Financial Ltd., is a fintech corporation formed in the United Kingdom, dedicating itself and its business plan to becoming a creator of and holdings company for all types of cryptocurrency investments.


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