Undercity: A Gamer’s Paradise Linking Web3 to The Real World. Learn Why It’s Quickly Gaining Traction

February 10th, 2023 at 5:27 am UTC · 6 min read

Undercity: A Gamer’s Paradise Linking Web3 to The Real World. Learn Why It’s Quickly Gaining Traction

Undercity is set to build the first gamer’s paradise by establishing a 10,000-square-meter gaming village in the heart of France. The gamer village intends to become the center of the entire Web3 gaming ecosystem, with the mission to create a community that pushes the future boundaries of gaming, VR technology, and Web3.

The project is scheduled to launch its presale in February and is already gaining significant traction as investors eagerly wait for their opportunity to purchase UND tokens at presale prices.

If you’ve ever wanted to be around like-minded Web3 enthusiasts and have a social gaming environment, then Undercity certainly is a project for you to pay attention to.

Undercity: A Gaming Society Bringing Web3 to Life

Undercity: A Gamer's Paradise Linking Web3 to The Real World. Learn Why It's Quickly Gaining Traction

Undercity has developed a revolutionary approach to bringing Web3 into the real world. The concept has been tried and tested before, but there aren’t any projects that have a mission to create a gaming society that focuses on bringing Web3 to life.

This is what Undercity is setting out to bring to fruition.

Undercity will be the world’s first gaming society based on blockchain technology that connects the real world to the Web3 industry.

The entire gaming village is built on three principles; community, ecosystem, and gaming. The 10,000 m2 facility will help to tie these three principles together by welcoming gamers, roleplayers, cosplayers, and Web3 maniacs to the village.

In the gaming village, the team will organize events, build projects, create games, and grow the overall community. It intends to become a space where blockchain industry players can meet together to redesign and rethink the entire world of Web3, pushing the boundaries of the sector in a new direction.

The team believes that the future of blockchain technology will advance through decentralized communities with physical venues where the citizens of Web3 can meet.

At its heart, Undercity has three projects that it wishes to push forward as its initial starting point;

  • Undercity1 – the real-world gaming village in France.
  • A battle royal first-person shooter game created by Undercity.
  • An advanced streaming platform called Under.tv.

What Can You Do In the Gaming Village?

The gaming village intends to become the dream location for all video gamers across the globe and will be the first act-to-earn village in Europe, allowing gamers to earn from being a citizen in the village.

The 10,000 m2 facility is split into separate areas for specific activities such as virtual reality, streaming, gaming, and chilling. The entire idea of the concept is to create a dream village for gamers to come and play their favorite games, work, socialize, eat, and sleep – all in one place.

Furthermore, you don’t need to worry about not being able to reach France regularly because the entire gaming village will be accurately reproduced in the metaverse, providing access to users across the globe.

Specifically, the 10,000 m2 facility will contain the following sections;

  • A virtual reality gaming room to play the latest VR games.
  • A fully-equipped streaming room for streamers to continue their work.
  • A retro and modern gaming room to accommodate all types of gamers.
  • A cinema room with a giant screen to relax and watch movies or events.
  • An activities area to relax and lounge.
  • A bar and restaurant to eat, drink and socialize.
  • Accommodation to rent to stay for the duration in the gaming village.
  • A wellness area to relax and unwind.

The virtual reality gaming room will be fully equipped with the latest VR technology, allowing village citizens to come and play the newest VR games together. It will also serve as a social environment that allows them to enter the metaverse together.

Undercity: A Gamer's Paradise Linking Web3 to The Real World. Learn Why It's Quickly Gaining Traction

The team will provide four separate streaming rooms that village citizens can book, fully equipped with Web3 video game streaming infrastructure. Streamers that make a living through gaming can easily continue their business by renting these rooms during their stay in the gaming village and continue to expand their network with other citizens.

The rest of the space in the gaming village is dedicated to lifestyle, allowing gamers to unwind, socialize, eat and drink together. The wellness area will contain cyberpunk pool pods to let players unravel and will also provide massages to ease any muscle tension.

PUBG-style Role-playing FPS Set to Attract Wide Attention

Undercity: A Gamer's Paradise Linking Web3 to The Real World. Learn Why It's Quickly Gaining Traction

A Web3 gaming village wouldn’t be complete without focusing on bridging the gap between Web3 and gaming. This is why Undercity is already on its way to creating its first gaming product, a battle royale first-person shooting game.

The game will have mechanics similar to famous battle royales on the market, such as PUBG, Fortnite, and Apex Legends. However, the significant difference will be that the Undercity version will be VR-based and Web3 integrated, making it a play-to-earn game.

The team intends to make the game totally balanced, so it would be a suitable candidate for becoming the next e-sports craze. Players will be able to fight friends and enemies across a range of different game modes and maps.

The great thing about the team is that they have already started developing their game – even before the presale has started. The developers of the game have already released some teasers, and it’s already starting to look pretty incredible;



In the game, players can collect weapons, upgrade levels to complete missions and earn NFTs and tokens along the journey.

February Presale Scheduled for Intense Reception

The native token behind Undercity, UND, will tie the entire ecosystem together. There will be 57 million tokens with no transaction taxes or fees. In addition, it’s fully audited, and the team is verified through KYC.

The main focus behind the token is to change the way cryptocurrency is viewed, with the specific goal of showing that it’s possible to have a totally transparent token that can provide significant value to holders.

The UND token will be the utility and transaction token in the gaming village. It will also be the reward token for all Undercity-related games and the streaming platform. In addition, the UND token will be required to pay for the entrance fees to the village, can be used to receive discounts on accommodation in the village, and will be required to pay for items in the restaurant and bar.

Undercity: A Gamer's Paradise Linking Web3 to The Real World. Learn Why It's Quickly Gaining Traction

The token will begin its presale in early February and will take place over multiple stages. The first stage will sell the token for $0.35, which will increase to $0.43 in the second stage. The price for UND will continue to rise through the presale stages until the final price is $0.87. Therefore, the best time to get involved will be during the early stages to take advantage of the lower prices.

Overall, Undercity is setting out to reimagine the future of Web3 technology by being the first bridge to the real world. Once the ecosystem starts to become established, and the gaming products are released, the UND token utility will continue to skyrocket – providing all holders with a strong incentive to stay involved.

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