Undercity Is Bridging the Real World and the Metaverse with Its Gaming Village

February 2nd, 2023 at 6:24 pm UTC · 5 min read

Undercity Is Bridging the Real World and the Metaverse with Its Gaming Village

Despite all of the conversation and hype surrounding the metaverse in the last year, we are still far from seeing the idea come to its full potential. This particular technology has been in the making for years but actual well-implemented use is only something we will see in the coming years. The best crypto projects know this and are working on the most compelling ideas that bridge virtual worlds with the real one.

That’s why Undercity, a self-described “gaming village”, is proving to be one of the most promising implementations of metaverse and NFT-related ideas. Unlike other projects, the project is sharply focused on making sure that real-world interactions have a role to play in creating engaging experiences.

Undercity Is a Space for Hardcore and Casual Gamers Alike

Undercity Is Bridging the Real World and the Metaverse with Its Gaming Village

Undercity is an Act to Earn project that has several features.

Built on real estate that is 10,000 square meters in area, Undercity is both a real space where gamers can gather and enjoy themselves, as well as a metaverse project that offers a number of features that benefit users. A mix between real life and the digital world, Undercity offers a social space where gamers can participate in their favorite activities – but also allows them to earn for their participation.

Undercity is located in France and the location will have such facilities as a streaming room, a gaming room, a bar and restaurant, and virtual reality setups. It’s an all-inclusive face that is determined to be a fun place to stay. Even the accommodation provided will be Nordic chalets, offering a distinct vibe to visitors.

Undercity also calls itself the first act-to-earn project, with its gaming village offering users both the opportunity to earn and have fun with other people. Its metaverse will be called the “Underverse” and this is powered by the UNDER token.

More than Just a Gaming Village

Of course, Undercity is not just a space where people can go and play games. It is also a technology project and the project will have its own first-person role-playing shooter where they can complete quests, and earn NFTs and other rewards for it. There will be several kinds of weapons that they can equip and they can also level themselves up in true video gaming fashion.

The game itself is designed after popular games like CS:GO and Call of Duty, with realistic graphics and modern gameplay mechanics. This is a key part of the experience and Undercity wants players to be a part of the experience wherever they are – although those who want to travel to the gaming village in France are encouraged to do so.

There will also be staking and token swap features in the future. The entire idea is to build a project that brings the best of crypto and metaverse features to users, but with additional tangible utility in the real world. The project will also feature an eSports facility, and the gaming experience in general will include both PvE and PvP experiences. This includes a battle royale mode which is likely to be popular among gamers.

Those who want to make some revenue out of their gaming skills will appreciate the NFT marketplace. This will allow players to buy and sell weapons, in-game items and more. This will come in handy in the gaming modes while also offering players a way to monetize their gaming skills.

The UNDER token will be used both in the game and in the Underverse. Specific examples of its utility are using it to pay the initial entrance fee to Undercity, paying for accommodation, rent gaming setups, and pay for purchases in the shop, bar and restaurant, among other things.

Undercity will host its presale in February 2023. There will be a total of 57 million UNDER tokens available for purchase, with each token costing 0.35 USDT. The minimum investment is 50 USDT. There will be 5 stages in the presale, where the token increases in price as the presale passes through the stages.

As a promising project that is marrying both the real world and the virtual one, investors will want to enter the presale quickly. This project could have a marked impact on the metaverse niche.

Undercity Doing Something Truly Revolutionary

Undercity is bringing a new stream of ideas to the increasingly popular gaming industry. The revenue of video games was already massively high but as audiences age and new technologies come in, this will only increase even more. As a pioneering project in terms of the specific metaverse implementations, Undercity stands as a very lucrative project, with potential both inside and outside the crypto industry.

There’s much more to come yet from this project and it could easily rival other projects in the space – if not trounce them completely. Undercity is one to watch – and possibly even one to visit.

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