UWIM Gets a Green Light on the Way Towards Their IDO in 2022

Place/Date: Australia - December 8th, 2021 at 7:59 pm UTC · 3 min read
Contact: UWIM, Source: UWIM

UWIM Gets a Green Light on the Way Towards Their IDO in 2022

UWIM, the Australian-based company closely working on a revolutionary no-code token issuing ecosystem, has revealed its plans to launch an IDO in late-Q1 2022. They will conduct the public token sale in March, with more IDO details set to be revealed in the short term.

UWIM aims to redefine cryptocurrency utilization and significantly simplify the token issuing process. Since the project’s early days in 2020, the team has been headed to mass adoption by leveraging the ease of use as one of their key priorities.

At their current stage, UWIM comprises a multi-faceted crypto ecosystem geared to crypto veterans and newbies alike. The platform offers straightforward access to token generation with six different types of assets available: My, Business, Startup, Donate, Trade, and NFT. The team’s imminent plans include  expanding the number of available standards alongside engaging the devs from the UWIM community to offer custom solutions on the project’s marketplace.

Regardless of the type chosen, any user-generated token is 100% accessible throughout the entire UWIM ecosystem, including their IDO-launchpad, token constructor, internal wallet, crowdfunding platform, and more. The complete list of the platform’s utilities and project roadmap is available on UWIM’s official website.

In Q1 2022, UWIM is set to close a private sale round for its native token UWM. With several prominent VCs and 100+ private investors on board, the project is set to complete the fundraising round with great success.

The early investors are still on time to choose between several offers, including allocations with 12-months vesting and those unlocking the tokens at the IDO day. The available allocations are sized between 10 000 and 1 000 000, starting from $0.75/token. For more details, visit the tokensale page on their website or contact the UWIM team directly at [email protected]

When reached for comment, Sam Bikbaev, UWIM CEO, has underlined the project’s technical complexity and user-oriented simplicity. He expressed his confidence that the team standing behind the project was fully capable of meeting the challenge. He stated:

“We here at UWIM are excited about seeing our idea of building a revolutionary DeFi platform that redefines crypto accessibility come true. Right now, we have successfully built up a self-sufficient ecosystem that covers the broadest range of clients’ demands at one spot. We are proud to present a viable working product long before our IDO, which indeed serves as a proof of concept for our early investors”.

About UWIM

UWIM is a game-changing blockchain ecosystem aimed to redefine the nature of token creation and utilization. With a lineup of services united within one ecosystem, UWIM unlocks the next-gen crypto experience for the broadest range of private users, investors, and merchants regardless of their tech skills and previous experience in blockchain.

As an Australian-based company, UWIM has an international team and several С-level blockchain entrepreneurs and thought leaders among the list of advisers. Currently, the project is backed by Unirock Partners, Z-Union, and hundreds of private investors.