Verasity’s GameStore Keeps Expanding, Added Three Major Functionalities to eSports Games

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Verasity’s GameStore Keeps Expanding, Added Three Major Functionalities to eSports Games
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With expanded product launch and an increasing user-base, Verasity’s GameStore has become one of the fastest-growing blockchain-based gaming platforms. Gamers on the Verasity’s GameStore can now bet on their favorite eSports event, both in private and public mode with an option to host third party tournaments.

Since launch, Verasity’s GameStore has lived up to its mission of becoming the fastest-growing blockchain-based gaming platform. Thanks to its innovative products, Verasity GameStore is adding extra functionalities to serve this surging population.

In its recent addition, Verasity’s GameStore has introduced private, public, and third-party tournaments for major esports games.

This comes as a big step towards serving the ever-expanding gamers on the platform. Verasity’s GameStore is fast becoming online gamers’ choice as a larger number of the world’s population are forced to stay at home due to the ongoing lockdown caused by the novel coronavirus.

The pace-setting gaming platform is helping families and friends stay connected and bonded while they maintain social distancing. As the lockdown persists, global gaming activities have seen an upsurge as many people have resulted in online gaming as the most entertaining way to get the day going and stay connected with close buddies miles away.

Is the gaming industry really helping people wade off the burden and boredom that comes with staying at home? The answers are in the numbers. A recent study has revealed that the global online gaming desk has witnessed surging traffic in the registration of new members and activities of existing members. This is at least a visible, measurable KPI.

The study further expanded its search into discovering a 75% increase in traffic volume across popular gaming platforms across a wide range of age brackets. Narrowing down the search, the most popular category mobile games have also recorded an unprecedented 300% to 800% increases in page views.

As gamers remain entertained, most games on Verasity’s GameStore is not only designed to keep gamers entertained but also to boost the productivity of their mind and improve problem-solving skills.

Light Up the Moment with Verasity’s GameStore

The Verasity’s GameStore ranks among the fastest-growing blockchain products issued by Verasity. The Verasity project is becoming the face of modern video and gaming entertainment platforms suitable for everyone’s needs. The ever-expanding product on the GameStore is geared towards achieving this purpose.

Verasity’s move to add more functionality to the eSports games is not totally unprecedented. This comes in a decision to serve the large audience that bets on their most preferred games on eSports. In 2018, eSports had one of the biggest expansions in gaming history, bracing a record number of over 400 million viewers globally with over $869 million in revenue.

This number is expected to take a quantum leap by 2022. Goldman Sachs had forecasted over $2.96 billion in revenue in the next two years.

With over 400 million esports viewers globally, Verasity understands the need for its fast-growing user-base and has leveraged on this to bring extra functionalities to gamers. Users can now engage in private, public, and third-party tournaments for major eSports games.

The Verasity’s team had announced that the first phase of the launch will feature the CounterStrike Global Offensive (CS:GO). Players will be privileged to invite their buddies to participate in public or private tournaments and players will also be able to host third party jackpot with their friends through VeraWallet. Popular games available include Blast Premier, Dreamhack, and ESL Pro League.

As the platforms expand, Verasity is already streamlining plans to host top CS:GO teams such as, Roar Sports, and Limitless, etc. Gamers can bet on their favorite sports using the VRA token. To bring ease of access to non-crypto savvy gamers, users will have the option of betting on their desired games using a USD base Verasity token (VRA/VRAB).

The added eSports functionality will be made possible through the GameStore. Users are invited to start gaming and also to participate in the GameStore’s regular jackpots.

As the number of online gamers continues to expand, will Verasity be able to keep up with its fast-growing user-base? The numbers don’t lie, the team is staying at the top of things to bring value and entertainment to its users. With all that has been accomplished so far, the future seems like a familiar playing ground for the Verasity team.

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