Verlux Unveils Its Demo NFT Marketplace

Place/Date: Walsall, West Midlands, UK - January 24th, 2022 at 3:42 pm UTC · 3 min read
Contact: Mathias Grunther, Source: Verlux

Verlux Unveils Its Demo NFT Marketplace
Photo: Verlux

Verlux team is pleased to announce the release of the remodeled Front End of the VerluxNFT Marketplace, which gives an insight of what the full launch of their NFT Marketplace will look like.

The Dev team has made great progress for their Marketplace, which aims to give a user friendly interface and positive user experience on the full launch the NFT Marketplace.

VerluxNFT Marketplace Update

The Verlux NFT Marketplace will be a decentralized platform for NFT creators and enthusiasts to come together for the sole purpose of buying, selling and Minting of NFTs.

Powered by the Cardano Blockchain, the Marketplace will boast of its high scalability, sustainability, and interoperability to offer faster transactions and high confirmation time.

Functionalities Unveiled

UI Design: The User interface was created bearing in mind the need for the best user experience and a user friendly NFT Marketplace. It is simplified for both sellers and buyers reducing complexities to just simple button clicks.

Mint Artworks: Creators will have an opportunity to mint their Artworks on their platform by simply uploading their Artwork, filling out a simple form on the content metadata and input the wallet address to receive said NFT and they are set.

Wallet Integration: Trading NFTs on their platform will be completely decentralized as the dev. team are done working on wallet connection APIs for Cardano web based wallet like Nami to ensure a seamless connection to their marketplace. Listing or buying NFTs on their platform will be done by the Wallet Integration on the platform guided by smart contracts and not controlled by Verlux.

Fixed/Auction Selling: Verlux will be offering flexible selling structure on the platform, allowing sellers to include a fixed price for their NFTs or allowing bids from buyers based the worth of said NFTs. Sellers will have the choice to have a fixed end of Auction based on time fixed or satisfied bid amount.

Smart Contract Creation and Integration

The Verlux Dev Team has been developing the smart contracts using Plutus, taking advantage of its unique properties.

Product testing is in progress as the smart contracts are currently undergoing property-based testing on Cardano’s multiple testnets to ensure a highly guaranteed system. Once testing is done, a demo version will be released to the community for testing and suggestions before its final deployment to the mainnet to allow mass audience participation and full functionality of the Marketplace.

Vision ahead for Verlux

Coming up next is the Public Sale, details on the Public sale will be announced before it is commenced. Users will be able to join the Public Sale before Exchange Listing.

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