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Vestarin Will Make Participation in the ICOs Safer

January 23rd, 2018 at 7:56 am UTC · 2 min read

Participating in a blockchain start-up, contributors hope that it will succeed. But it is not so simple. One needs to find the actual ICO, filter out the options, study the guarantees, how safe such an investment is and whether community trusts it. Priority is given to projects with a lot of hype, an impressive website, and powerful advertising campaign.

Having chosen a certain project, the investor participates by contributing to the ICO. Then a token is issued, and after a couple of days it “goes to the bottom” and never recovers again. Project remains abandoned with no progress and road map execution.

While creators count their profits, investors are left with nothing. Such situations radically ruin the credibility of all ICOs and industry as a whole. What can we do in this case, when everything is based solely on trust?

The Vestarin platform will solve this problem.

ICO is a powerful tool for the investor and the project itself. The project gets the right to live and prosper, while the contributors get a chance to multiply their incomes and get access to unique features. Abusing the trust of people, ICO may turn into a soap bubble.

In order for it to “live on”, it is important to deal with emerging problems.The fresh industry is going to stability through a thorny path, bypassing the string of trials and mistakes, stuffing bumps and changing with the help of community.

We can positively influence even such large-scale systems as crypto-currencies, with a capitalization in excess of $500 billion. The Vestarin platform will unite crypto-enthusiasts, who can put things in order. Only by joint efforts it becomes possible make ICOs safe and transparent. Vestarin will carefully “cherry pick” ICOs, expose scammers and filter projects rigidly based on the strict criterias.

All the rest is in the hands of specialists, developers and contributors who will be focused on this platform. They will shape the reputation of projects with their expert opinions and assessments to make participations in the ICOs secure as never before.