Enables Cryptocurrency Payment for Live Music Artists, ICO Starts September 5, 2017

August 10th, 2017 at 6:46 am UTC · 5 min read

Slovenia based crowdsourced global live music ecosystem, Viberate has announced the upcoming ICO of its platform as it empowers music artists to accept cryptocurrency payments from event organizers. At the same time, the comprehensive database listing of artists and musicians on the platform makes it easier for organizers to sign up the right artist for any event. All transactions on the blockchain-based Viberate platform is fueled by Vibe tokens, which are now being offered to investors in the upcoming crowdsale, starting September 5, 2017.

Viberate is best described as the IMDb for musicians, which is soon going to become a blockchain-based marketplace for the music industry. Viberate already has a database of over 120,000 artist profiles across all genres, starting with the most famous musicians in the world to small garage-bands.

Unlike many ICOs in the market, Viberate already has the advantage of having a successful, fully functional platform. Artists can join by adding their profile or claiming an existing one. Viberate is increasingly becoming popular each passing day as dozens of new users continue to join the platform. British superstar Robbie Williams is one among the many artists who have already claimed their profiles.

Viberate was chosen by the European Commission as one of eight European startups to change the global music industry, and it also enjoys the support of the Slovenian Ministry of Economic Development and Technology. Bitcoin legend Charlie Shrem and Stanford professor/Pinterest’s Chief Scientist Dr. Jure Leskovec are among the well-known experts advising the platform in its development and operations.

The platform, with the implementation of blockchain technology and its own cryptocurrency, is on the verge of disrupting the artist booking industry by implementing an online system that enables event organizers to book musicians with ETH, BTC, or Vibe tokens.

Viberate is democratizing the live music industry by offering a leveled playing field for all artists, by providing them visibility without bias. The platform wants to promote and help local musicians and emerging bands by giving them the opportunity to realize their dreams. Except for the famous ones who are signed up with big talent agencies, over 80% of world’s musicians still don’t have an agent and Viberate wants to become everyone’s digital booking agent, much like Airbnb is everyone’s tourist agency.

Founded by a number of high profile music industry names, including world-famous techno DJ UMEK, Viberate offers musicians of all backgrounds and caliber a chance to be represented fairly. Viberate is a pioneering force in cryptocurrency and music industries, giving all musicians an opportunity to join the blockchain revolution and earn cryptocurrency in exchange for their performance.

Viberate ICO

Viberate has set the total cap for Vibe tokens at 200 million, out of which 120 million will be made available for purchase during the upcoming public crowdsale. With a minimum investment goal of $1 million and a maximum investment cap of $12 million, the platform is offering a unique opportunity for the investor and cryptocurrency communities to buy into the revolutionary blockchain project.

All funds raised during the ICO will be held in a multi-sig wallet controlled by the team council. The team members and initial investors are fully devoted to the project and take great passion in participating in this live music revolution. That’s why all tokens allocated to the founders and team (16%), and investors (4%) will be reverse vested for 24 months with monthly cliffs. The platform has set aside a portion of tokens (7%) for future partnerships as well.

At the same time, Viberate encourages community participation to fuel the platform’s growth. It has allocated 5% of the tokens to the bounty pool, intended to reward community efforts. The base price of Vibe token on the day of crowdsale is set at $0.1. The ICO will begin with a starting bonus of 12% and the price of ETH will be locked to the value of USD on the day of the launch.

To participate in the ICO, individuals can create a wallet on, Parity or Mist. Participants can purchase Ethereum (ETH) from various exchanges such as Coinbase or Bitsquare, or buy with other cryptocurrencies from platforms such as Bittrex and Poloniex.

ETH will then have to be sent to a designated address and tokens will be distributed immediately into one of the above-mentioned wallets. Due to security reasons, tokens will remain locked until the end of the crowd sale.

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