Way2Bit Announces Official Launch of the BORA Platform

Place/Date: - August 23rd, 2019 at 4:04 pm UTC · 3 min read
Contact: BORA, Source: BORA

Though August is nearly over, the BORA team spent the hot summer blazing through the final challenges to launch the BORA platform. Today, the team is happy to announce the official launch of BORA Island. Gyehan Song, CEO of Way2Bit (the company behind BORA) congratulated his team for a job well done. Song said:

“Today, I would like to share our past journey and future direction and also congratulate BORA for its official launch. It seems that we had faced a lot of obstacles beginning in 2017 when we first started the BORA project”.

Although most blockchain projects come with their fair share of challenges, BORA was able to overcome theirs and develop unique technology and patents that have tangible real-world applications. And while the industry struggled through a significant bear market, the BORA team maintained trust in the potential of blockchain technology and carried the project through to launch.

Song said:

“We believe the efforts came together and resulted in a valuable service, BORA Island, which launches today — August 21, 2019. This official launch is the start of a new leap towards the future.”

With several other blockchain services ready or near ready for launch, BORA is already preparing their next move. Song explained:

“While we were concentrated on establishing the BORA blockchain ecosystem, our next plan is to create content for the platform ourselves as well as find additional blockchain developers to adapt and expand the platform. We already have an internal team dedicated to blockchain content development who are working on new material for the platform.”

The BORA team is also upgrading their existing partner support program through BORA tokens and the use of a BORA Eco Fund. They intend to provide full support and benefits for each of their partners based on their unique characteristics and objectives. As a result, they expect not only for the BORA platform to expand, but the entire blockchain ecosystem to grow as more developers ease in to the market.

Song said:

“I believe the realm of blockchain technology has just taken its first step. We will continue to advance by continuously evaluating and studying this emerging technology. We look forward to using BORA’s bApps in our daily lives and further enhancing the value of BORA going forward”.

To close the release statement, the BORA team extended their deepest gratitude to their partners and community who have joined them on this journey so far. They look forward to continued success with the BORA platform as they celebrate this major milestone.

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