Web3 Startup nealthy Raises $1.3M in Pre-Seed Funding Round to Simplify Crypto and NFT Investment

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Web3 Startup nealthy Raises $1.3M in Pre-Seed Funding Round to Simplify Crypto and NFT Investment
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nealthy has announced a successful pre-seed funding round that will help the startup offer more services to help users easily invest in Web3.

nealthy, a Web3 startup that facilitates cryptocurrency and NFT investments, has announced that it successfully concluded a pre-seed funding round where it raised $1.3 million. The funding round saw backing from several Web3 investors and crypto celebrity ‘DonGeraldo.’

The Web3 startup is an Ethereum-based platform offering interested users varying exposure levels to NFT and crypto investments. nealthy plans to use the funds for team expansion by hiring talent to help design the platform with more customer offerings. nealthy also intends to apply the funds to boosting sales and funding platform development.

All nealthy users enjoy enhanced security since assets are stored on-chain. According to nealthy CTO Zied Said (Zedsi), the startup understands the risks associated with its service. Regardless, Zedsi assures users that all funds are safe. According to the CTO:

“This is a space with enormous potential, and with any potential comes risk. To counteract those risks, we maintain security by storing all assets in cold wallets and smart contracts. Each cold wallet is public and maintains completely transparent holdings.”

nealthy Funding to Help Solve Web3 Investment Risks and Protect Customer Funds

nealthy separates itself from similar platforms by offering solutions to some common problems faced in the Web3 marketplace. Although there is a significant increase in Web3 interest, potential investors constantly battle high entry barriers to most of these markets. For instance, the average consumer may find it difficult to make meaningful investments in Web3 because of hefty amounts required, especially to purchase some NFTs. At the same time, regulators are finding it difficult to understand and keep up with the ever-growing and fast-changing Web3 environment and are mostly unable to create regulatory frameworks that adequately protect users.

Prospective investors worried about these barriers can now easily enter the Web3 space via nealthy. Armed by the recent funding round, nealthy will defeat complex entry barriers by offering users index tokens that function like exchange-traded funds (ETFs). These index tokens help users diversify their portfolios, effectively increasing immunity against sudden market movements. One example of a nealthy index token is the $NFTS, which is pegged to several blue-chip NFTs at 1:1.

Speaking on diversification and the benefits of index tokens, nealthy CEO Ludwig Schroedl said:

“As NFT trading markets evolve, potential investors are showing increased interest in diversification. That’s even more true for first-time investors. A blue-chip index token, like $NFTS, can provide superior investment opportunities at a reduced level of risk. And if we can do it with NFTs, we can do it with every asset on the blockchain.”

User Access to nealthy

Interested users can buy tokens from many decentralized exchanges (DEXs) available in the market. According to nealthy, centralized exchanges (CEXs) will also support nealthy purchases in the near future. Another way nealthy ensures fund security is by storing assets in secured smart contracts and cold wallets. All wallets are public and verifiable via Proof of Reserve.

Apart from simply investing in tokens and earning as prices increase, users can also grab profits via staking, as nealthy allocates profit as annual percentage yield (%APY) via $NEAL tokens. In addition to staking returns, users can enjoy free tokens via nealthy airdrops.

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