How Will Web3Tube Change the Way we Share and Stream Video Online?

May 3rd, 2022 at 7:40 pm UTC · 4 min read

How Will Web3Tube Change the Way we Share and Stream Video Online?

The AuroraFS P2P cloud storage and distribution newtork’s Web3Tube is the first fully decentralized video storage and streaming platform. Web3Tube offers several adjustments that could easily be seen as progress from the way the most current popular video streaming and sharing platforms operate.

More than just the difference between a decentralized versus centralized data network system, Web3Tube also creates differences in other ways which affect incentivization for content creators and platform users. These advances create an argument for these rather significant differences to have the potential to draw a healthy amount of early adopters to the Web3Tube user base not long after its full public release.

How Web3Tube Incentivizes Content Creators

Web3Tube has a unique system of rewards for content creators. It’s made possible, to a large degree, because of the incentives made discoverable by blockchain technology, and cryptocurrency. The AUFS token is the native file system cryptocurrency which will power the AuroraFS decentralized data storage and streaming network.

Content creators are given the ability to charge independent prices for subscribers to gain exclusive access to their channel content. That also remains the case when creators don’t particularly sense the need to charge at all, or alternatively choose to charge fractional costs for access to their Web3Tube channel.

How does Web3Tube enhance the viewer experience?

Web3Tube not only incentivizes content creators, making that process more rewarding for those who have something to share with others, but also viewers get an enhanced experience as well. Viewers get the opportunity to view videos from engaging creators in HD playback quality. This may not seem like such a big deal when compared to the latest smart TV, but in the context of fully decentralized content streaming, this is huge.

No platform to date is able to offer the rate of quality of the Web3Tube by AuroraFS in a completely in-house decentralized network. What that means is, not only is the ability to watch in HD quality a big deal, but being in a decentralized environment, it also means that the viewers keep ownership of their own identity and unique data while interacting within the Web3Tube network. The HD quality also helps the videos uploaded by content creators get their best opportunity to captivate the waiting audiences on the platform.

Other Web3Tube Advantages for Video Sharing and Streaming

In addition to viewers and creators owning their own data within the fully decentralized Web3Tube ecosystem, network security counts as yet another potentially monumental advantage to be considered. While the decentralized space generally boasts that security and data transmission speeds are generally better than that of the centralized alternatives, AuroraFS has something even more to enhance these claims.

The AuroraFS content distribution network has an additional layer of security called authorized access control, not seen in other decentralized content distribution networks. Web3Tube has the benefit of having authorized access control as a part of the protocol governing the underlying network upon which it is built. Network security adds to the list of how the Web3Tube decentralized video sharing and streaming platform could very well play a significant role in changing the way video content is enjoyed in the future.

Another Way to Benefit on the AuroraFS Network

One other way Web3Tube is changing the way things are done is also in the underlying network. The AuroraFS network is designed in such a way that users of the network can also take part in the underlying rewards by dedicating broadband bandwidth to the global data resource pool as a network validator.

In essence, content creators and platform users on Web3Tube could all take advantage of the rewards as AuroraFS broadband miners while enjoying the benefits of Web3Tube also!

In Closing and Next Steps Forward

The Web3Tube contest held through most of April, proved to fare very well for the AuroraFS network. Content creators and users on the platform were active for 4 weeks while likes and subscribers were tallied up. Additionally a flow energy contest, measuring how much viewing time is completed by each node on the network, began on April 22nd as another future AUFS token airdrop contest. The flow energy contest is continuing until the Gauss Aurora labs team announces its end three days in advance.

The AuroraFS mainnet is expected to launch some time in Q3, along with the AUFS file token. All contest rewards winners can expect AUFS airdrops sometime in May. All other news and information can be regularly obtained through the AuroraFS social media channels or the most up to date source – the AuroraFS community Telegram channel.

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