Weekly Blockchain Industry Report [July 7-13,2018]

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Weekly Blockchain Industry Report [July 7-13,2018]
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Check out the report jointly created by OK Blockchain Capital and Coinspeaker covering main trends of blockchain industry over July 7 – July 13, 2018, with strong focus placed on the market overview, analysis of the newly listed and closed public sales projects, along with topical news on global governmental policies.

1. Market Overview

The past week’s daily average global market capitalization of cryptocurrency was $263.67 billion and the daily average transaction volume was $12.82 billion, indicating a incline of 0.5% an decline of 11.4% respectively. The daily average market capitalization of the top five cryptocurrencies increased by 0.46% from the previous week. Among the top five – all of which decreased in price – EOS has experienced the greatest price decrease by 37.44% in the past week.

Data source:coinmarketcap

Of the top 10 cryptocurrencies that increased this week, 70% of the projects were of the vertical industrial application sector. Also, STX of gambling sector experienced the greatest increase in price by 105.69%.

RankingProjectTokenFieldBrief descriptionTrading amount24hToken priceIncrease/7d
1StoxSTXGamblingSTX is a token used in its gambling ecosystem.$4.62M$0.4158105.69%
2SumokoinSUMOCryptocurrency and paymentSUMO is a digital currency used for confidential transactions.$484K$1.0593.4%
3LOClcoinLOCIAutonomous OrganizationLOCI  hopes to become a platform that is free and efficient for joint ventures, creativity, and talent.$107K$0.069188.78%
4MetaverseETPBasic chain and protocolETP is a decentralized public chain project.$7.89M$1.3777.36%
5AuroraAOABasic chain and protocolAOA is committed to becoming a blockchain project that links industries and promotes application.$363K$0.0560.34%
6CoverstingCOVAsset managementThe COV platform allows users to access the portfolio of other cryptocurrency traders.$143K$1.158.29%
7KickCoinKICKAsset managementKICK is the ecological token on the crowdfunding platform KIKICO.$2.73M$0.05649.31%
8HydroHYDROCorporate servicesHYDRO is committed to combining an efficient decentralized exchange alliance.$1.49M$0.00945.94%
9BittwattBWTIoTBWT is a distributed energy trading market.$50.6K$0.03842.14%
10JiyoJIYOPaymentJIYO is committed to providing a more convenient payment channel.$77.7K$0.03242.14%

Data source:coinmarketcap;retrieved at 12:00 on July 13th, 2018

2. Analysis of Top 200 Market Cap Projects

The market capitalization of top 200 projects decreased by 6.83% compared with that of last week. Based on the main categories of cryptocurrency and payment, public chain and protocol, vertical chain and protocol, and vertical industrial application, the vertical industrial application sector decreased the most.

Data source: OK Blockchain Capital

Through further classification of the vertical chain and protocol and vertical industrial application verticals, it was found that this week’s corporate services vertical was on an obvious increase at a rate of 40.31%. Medical Insurance and AI verticals experienced the greatest decreases with a rate of 28.93% and 27.78% respectively.

Data source: OK Blockchain Capital

3. Analysis of Newly Listed Projects

There were 13 new projects in the market last week (mainly of the asset management vertical), 76.92% of which dropped in price within 24 hours of listing. Most of the newly issued tokens were listed on CoinBene and EthFinex.

New Projects Categories Ratio 


      New Projects Listed Exchanges Ratio            

Data source:Coinmarketcap、feixiaohao、OK Blockchain Capital analysis

Table of newly listed projects

ProjectTokenFieldExchange PlatformInitial Listed Price$Current Price$24h Trading Volume$Launch Date
ConiCONIExchange platform tokenCoinBene0.09470.10281.55M7/7
Popchain cashPCHContent copyrightBit-Z、LBank、CoinBene0.03580.0318739K7/7


EssentiaESSBasic chain and protocolEthfinex、IDEX、CoinBene0.05550.0224132K7/7
Karatgold CoinKBCStable coinCoinBene、HitBTC、YoBit0.00840.0091285K7/7
HashCoinHSCAsset managementGate.io、BCEX0.00250.0023908K7/10
LikeCoinLIKEContent copyrightQryptos、IDEX0.00890.007768K7/11
Ors GroupORSPaymentEthfinex0.04790.045648K7/11
SnowGemXSGAsset managementMercatox0.12570.190221K7/11
DaTa eXchangeDTXData servicesBitForex、CoinFalcon0.02830.027822.5M7/12
BeeKanBKBTAsset managementHADAX、CoinTiger0.0070.0075275K7/12

Data source:Coinmarketcap, Feixiaohao

4. Analysis of Closed Public Sales Projects

There have been 25 closed public sales projects this week, totaling nearly 143 million USD. Among these projects, projects of the payment field received most funding. This was closely followed by projects of the cryptocurrency and payment field.

Main categories of public sales project this week

Table  Closed public sales projects (July 7-13)

      Project     Token      Field            PlatformSoftcap/$10k
KIMBU ETF TokensETFAsset managementEthereum200
EASY WORKWORKE-commerceEthereum16
PerfectChain NetworkPNNGameEthereum400
ZNC TokenZNCE-commerceEthereum100
Delphi TechnologiesDTTTransportationEthereum250
GoldmaGMAAsset managementWaves600
Beyond Seen ScreenBSSContent copyrightEthereum100
CryptfunderCPTAsset managementEthereum250
ClearsCLRSNotary certificationEthereum1000
Zan CoinZANPaymentEthereum100
Open Source UniversityEDUEducationEthereum34
All-Stocks NetworkASTPaymentEthereum200
VVTokenVVTAsset managementEthereum610

Main data sources: Icobench、 Foundico、 smith and crown、icodata、 icodrops、coinschedule、icoadvert
Secondary data sources:Project websites

5. Important News on Global Governmental Policies this Past Week

 6. Keeping Up with the Blockchain Giants

 7. Hot topic of the week: Is EOS Random-access memory (RAM) used for trading or for actual use?

  • “One day in the blockchain space is equivalent to a year out of the space.” The conversions of hot topics in the cryptocurrency market is always unpredictable. When most people are busy looking for high-performance public chains, exchange platform tokens suddenly became the new trend. When investors rushed into various small and medium-sized exchanges, Fcoin quietly rose to the top. When exchange platform mining became the new hot topic, it was taken over by EOS: EOS’ RAM.
  • RAM is a very important resource in the EOS network. Creating EOS accounts, creating EOS smart contracts, and performing EOS transfers will consume memory resources. The user needs to stake a certain amount of EOS to the system account in order to obtain the corresponding memory usage right. The stake price is determined by the market demand, and the user can also transfer the memory according to real-time price.
  • In order to keep the supernode running efficiently, EOS’s current total RAM is temporarily set at 64G. For the programmers who are developing on EOS, the purchase of RAM is needed, and the total amount has led to the temporary scarcity of RAM on EOS. A large number of speculators have gone forward and pushed the RAM price up to 0.93EOS/KB. Compared with 0.02EOS/KB on June 20, the increase is close to 50 times.
  • As the cryptocurrency market has been moving at a declining rate, this issue has attracted more negative speculators. The speculators are influencing the secondary market by trading and speculating about EOS’ RAM. Developers can only helplessly pay for the high costs. As of the release of the report, the RAM usage of EOS exceeds 80%, and the number of Dapp developers in use of RAM is less than 2%.
  • Analyst evaluation: EOS’ exclusion of handling fees and almost real-time arrival of transactions provides users a seamless experience. The increase in RAM price has also made profits for many early investors. However, as a project that has just lifted off, the excessive development costs have prevented the wide scale development of Dapps on EOS. As for the value of EOS’ RAM, the practical demand is of utmost importance. Without the demand for the practical needs for RAM, then investing in RAM is worthless. The speculative trading of EOS RAM is simply a temporary wave that may end badly without the support of ecosystem.

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Table Upcoming Crowdfunding Project (July 14-20)

ProjectTokenPublic offering launch datePublic offering close dateFieldToken QuantityPublic offering percentage*Hard cap
Health FXHFX2018/7/142018/7/29AI2B50%$38M
B21B212018/7/142018/9/15Asset management1B50%$29M
KSYS TokenKSYS2018/7/152018/9/31Tourism100M32%$4.2M
LAPO BlockchainLAX2018/7/152018/8/1Payment10B30%$500M
NordCoin MiningNRDC2018/7/162018/8/16Asset management15M85%$1M
Accounting BlockchainTAB2018/7/162018/9/30Asset management100B22%$4M
FreldoFRECN2018/7/162018/8/16Corporate services1B60%$2M
DisciplinaDSCP2018/7/162018/7/19Digital identity100M75%$3M
FysicalFYS2018/7/162018/7/21Data services1B40%$18M
EyeGlobEYE2018/7/172018/8/7Medical insurance2B50%
Tedchain NetworkTED2018/7/172018/10/8Game2B50%$3.5M
BitforexBF2018/7/202018/7/25Exchange platform token
MIBcoinMIB2018/7/202018/8/10Cryptocurrency and payment1B13%
Rewards CoinREW2018/7/202018/8/11Tourism25M70%$5M
ArtWook CoinAKC2018/7/202018/8/1Asset management
SunxcoinXNS2018/7/202018/8/31Asset management10M50%$10M

*The ratio between public offering Token quantity and the total Token quantity of the project.
Main data sources Icobench, Foundico, smith and crown, icodata, icodrops, coinschedule, icoadvert
Supporting data source: websites of the projects

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