Weekly Blockchain Industry Report [June 6 -15, 2018]

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Weekly Blockchain Industry Report [June 6 -15, 2018]
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Check out the report created by OK Blockchain Capital covering main trends of blockchain industry over June 6-15, 2018, with strong focus placed on the market overview, analysis of the newly listed and closed public sales projects, along with topical news on global governmental policies.

1. Market Overview

The past week’s daily average global market capitalization of cryptocurrency is $304.4 billion and the daily average transaction volume is $15.48 billion, indicating a decline of 10.99% and 4.51% respectively. The daily average market capitalization of the top five cryptocurrencies has decreased by 10.36% from the previous week. EOS has experienced the greatest price decrease in the past week with a low of $9.44, a decrease of 36.30%. BCH closely follows with a 28.02% price decrease with a low of $818.62 this past week.



Data source: Coinmarketcap.

Of the cryptocurrencies that increased, FirstCoin (a cryptocurrency and payment system) rose the most, increasing by 639.2%.

Table 1.1. Top 10  Project  in terms of the amount token price increased  (June 6-15, 2018)

RankingProjectTokenFieldBrief descriptionTrading amount24hToken priceIncrease/7d
1FirstCoinFRSTCryptocurrency and paymentFirstCoin is an efficient proof of equity/work encryption certificate$306,040$0.08639.20%
2DigiCubeCUBEFinanceAll transactions on DigiCube are confirmed by the master node before they are considered valid$1,413,150$0.00159.18%
3Infinity EconomicsXINIoTInfinity Economics deploys smart contracts to empower the IoT industry with blockchain technology$2,809,060$0.0174.18%
4GINcoinGINWalletGINcoin aims to provide users with a convenient and quick way to deploy nodes$292,884$12.3667.36%
5GoByteGBXPublic chain and protocolGoByte is a new cryptocurrency based on Dash.$472,470$4.6729.42%
6ZIPZIPPaymentZipper provides blockchain-based services to global financial institutions, delivering cross-chain information$14,355,100$0.0028.17%
7LindaLINDAAnonymous tokenLinda is a dynamic anonymous cryptocurrency that supports multi-currency wallets that can be cross-linked for instant transactions$317,701$0.0026.24%
8SwarmSWMAsset managementSwarm is a fully decentralized, democratic and autonomous capital market platform based on blockchain technology.$114,660$0.8423.89%
9LatiumLATXSocial networkLatium is a recruitment platform that publishes tasks on the platform and attracts participants with token rewards$3,709,240$0.0721.54%
10DubaiCoinDBIXAsset managementArabianChain will use blockchain technology to build a full-featured application platform. DubaiCoin is the currency of the platform.$225,406$4.7921.27%

Data source: Coinmarketcap; retrieved at 11:00 on June 15th, 2018.

2. Analysis of Top 200 Market Cap Projects

The market capitalization of top 200 projects decreased by 15.76% compared with that of last week. Based on the main categories of cryptocurrency and payment, public chain and protocol, vertical industrial chain and protocol, and vertical industrial application, the vertical industrial application decreased the most.


Data source: OK Blockchain Capital.

Through further classification of the public chain and protocol vertical, it was found that this week’s exchange platform tokens and advertising verticals were on obvious decreases at rates of 40.29% and 36.74%. In comparison to OK Blockchain Capital’s previous weekly report, the two greatest-increasing verticals last week saw the largest drop this week, indicating that the popular verticals are accompanied by a high risk of retracement.


Data source: OK Blockchain Capital.

3. Analysis of Newly Listed Projects

There are 11 new projects in the market last week, 72.72% of which dropped in price within 24 hours of launch. Among the new projects, vertical chain and protocol and gambling had relatively better price performance. Most of the newly issued tokens are listed in IDEX, HitBTC, and Hotbit.

New Projects Categories Ratio


Data source: Coinmarketcap, feixiaohao, OK Blockchain Capital analysis.

New Projects Listed Exchanges Ratio


Data source: Coinmarketcap, feixiaohao, OK Blockchain Capital analysis.

Table 1.2. Newly Listed Projects (June 6-15, 2018)

ProjectTokenFieldExchange PlatformInitial Listed Price$Current Price$24h Trading Volume$Launch Date
GoChainGOPublic chain and protocolKucoin0.03420.02$2,376,0606/14
CouchainCOUData serviceHotbit, IDEX, Mercatox0.000210.00026$1,257,5606/12
SalPaySALCryptocurrency and paymentQryptos, IDEX0.40.08$79,4926/12
CEEKCEEKEntertainmentBancor, IDEX0.50.05$55,8126/12
CashBet CoinCBCGamblingBittrex, HitBTC0.50.25$132,9836/12
PikcioChainPKCData serviceSwitcheo0.270.20$57,1826/12
EngineEGCCTransportationHADAX, Bit-Z, Coinnest0.0040.002$1,144,7606/9
CGC TokenCGCDecentralized exchangeHitBTC, Cobinhood1.280.11$1,6966/9

Data source: Coinmarketcap; retrieved at 11:00 on June 15th, 2018.

4. Analysis of Closed Public Sales Projects

There have been 35 closed public sales projects this week, totaling nearly 150 million USD. Among these projects, advertising and medical projects received most funding and were most prevalent.

Main categories of public sales project this week (fields with investment more than $5M)


Table 1.3 Closed Public Sales (June 6-15, 2018)

ProjectTokenFieldPlatformSoft Cap (USD)
Big Data BlockBDBData serviceEthereum3 million
CyteCoinCTCData serviceEthereum5 million
SpotcoinSPOTAdvertisingNEO5 million
HEROIC.comHROPublic chain and protocolEthereum2.5 million
WizebitWIZEPublic chain and protocolWizeBit2.5 million
LoyakkLYKPublic chain and protocolEthereum3 million
 PayizaPYZPublic chain and protocolEthereum2 million
 GreenishGREECryptocurrency and paymentX113 million
 VanywhereVANYEducationQtum2 million
 TutellusTUTEducationNEM4 million
 ZodiaqZODFinanceEthereum1.5 million
 ETH TravelETHTTTourismEthereum5 million
 Smart Trip PlatformTASHTourismEthereum1 million
 FTV Coin DeluxeFTVAdvertisingEthereum5.87 million
 CRYSTALSCRSAdvertisingEthereum1 million
 MonoretoMNRAdvertisingEthereum0.2 million
 SlateSLXAdvertisingSlatechain20 million
 SwitcoinSWITAdvertising30 million
 SolarexSRXEnergyEthereum5 million
 ETHernityminingETMEnergyEthereum2.5 million
 SupplyBlocSUPXCorporate servicesEthereum1 million
 PAYERAPERACorporate servicesEthereum8 million
 Safe.adSAFECorporate servicesEthereum3 million
 SwaceSWACorporate servicesEthereum3 million
 NWPSolutionNWPAIEthereum0.3 million
 Box2TableB2CAIEthereum5 million
 SwachhcoinSCXAIEthereum5 million
 Baanx.comBXXAIEthereum1 million
 KuendeKUEMedicalEthereum2 million
 Innovative BioresearchINNBCMedicalEthereum5 million
 SuperfruitSFTMedicalEthereum0.1 million
 FarmaTrustFTTMedicalEthereum7 million
 BotGamingBOTMedicalEthereum5 million
 DarcMatter CoinDMCAsset managementNEM5 million
 ZNAQZNAQAsset managementEthereum0.53 million

Main data sources: Icobench, Foundico, smith and crown, icodata, icodrops, icoadvert, Coinschedule.
Secondary data sources: Project websites.

5. Important News on Global Governmental Policies this Past Week



6. Keeping Up with the Blockchain Giants


 7. Hot Topic of the Week: EOS Main Network Launch

The voting rate of the EOS main network officially exceeded 15% on June 15. The EOS main network was activated and formally launched. The first batch of 21 EOS supernodes (block producer) were created. EOS Canada took the top spot in the vote, with more than 42.3 million votes and 3.3%. In addition, there are 8 Chinese nodes.

The chart below shows the current 21 BP country distributions:


Retrieval time: 17:00 Beijing time, June 15, 2018, Source: eosportal.

Table 1.4  21 EOS supernodes  (June 6-15, 2018)

2eosauthorityUnited Kingdom3.28%
4eosnewyorkioUnited States3.01%
7eos24freedomUnited Kingdom2.77%
8bitfinexeos1United States2.76%
9eosliquideosUnited States2.70%
10cypherglasssUnited States2.63%

Retrieval time: 17:00 Beijing time, June 15, 2018, Source: eosportal


Table 1.5  Upcoming Crowdfunding Projects  (June 16-22, 2018)

ProjectTokenPublic offering launch datePublic offering close dateFieldToken QuantityPublic offering percentage*Hard cap
Find ExchangeFEXJune 16, 2018June 30, 2018Finance112 million56%33 million USD
Path NetworkPATHJune 16, 2018August 7, 2018Data service240 million60%47.6 million USD
Diamond Horse Performance FundDHPJune 16, 2018July 7, 2018Finance25 billion40%2500ETH
CVerificationCVERJune 17, 2018July 15, 2018Education186 million50%40,000 ETH
ViolaAIVAIJune 17, 2018July 16, 2018IoT903 million37%12.5 million USD
PaidExPADJune 17, 2018July 15, 2018Finance60.21 billion60%60 million USD
ServAdvisorSRVJune 18, 2018July 18, 2018Consumerism169 million85%30,000 ETH
Pool of StakePSKJune 18, 2018July 20, 2018Asset management053 million76%8 million EUR
PREVISIONePVSJune 18, 2018July 8, 2018Prediction064 million64%25 million USD
Subaj Global NetworkSBJJune 18, 2018July 28, 2018Consumerism5 billion50%70 million USD
EIPlatformEMIJune 18, 2018July 4, 2018Game075 million75%60 million USD
StoneTokenSTTNJune 18, 2018July 6,2018Asset management7.25 million74%7 million USD
PayginePGCJune 18, 2018August 17, 2018Finance042 million27%30 million USD
 ImmVRseIMVJune 19, 2018June 22, 2018Entertainment300 million33%20 million USD
 AurumAURUMJune 20, 2018August 21, 2018Consumerism300 million80%75,000 ETH
 Reger DiamondRDCJune 20, 2018July 20, 2018Consumerism22 million35%21.5 million USD
 UChainUCNJune 20, 2018June 23, 2018Public chain and protocol210 million40%12,000 ETH
UpfinexUPXJune 20, 2018September 10, 2018Exchange platform token20 million57%4.2 million USD
SUPERIUMSUMJune 20, 2018July 20, 2018Entertainment450 million90%50.94 million USD
 AttraceATTRJune 21, 2018July 5, 2018Advertising500 million50%15.7 million USD
 TerawattLEDJune 21, 2018July 7, 2018Energy65,00065%11.46 million USD
PhoneumPHTJune 21, 2018July 21, 2018Cryptocurrency24.63 billion12%20 million USD

*The ratio between public offering Token quantity and the total Token quantity of the project.
Main data sources: Icobench, Foundico, smith and crown, icodata, icodrops, coinschedule, icoadvert
Supporting data source: websites of the projects.

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